Lauren Roxburgh | 8 Tech Pioneers to Watch
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8 Tech Pioneers to Watch

Tech entrepreneurs have climbed the ranks to grace the same magazine covers that once were reserved for Hollywood celebrities and world leaders.  Each year, we see more innovation and success in this space, and 2016 is no exception. The pioneers profiled here come from a range of industries that want to revolutionize their categories and create thousands of new jobs, shifting — through their success — what our future looks like. Allow me to introduce you, in no particular order, to eight tech entrepreneurs you need to know in 2016.

4. Lauren Roxburgh, Aligned Life
Lauren Roxburgh (Lo Rox) is founder of Santa Monica, Calif.-based Aligned Life. Named the “Body Alignment Pro” by Vogue, Roxburgh is an author and alignment expert who empowers people to move better, improve posture, reduce stress and connect to their authentic selves. She is also the creator of the Aligned Rollers and Aligned Life digital downloads workouts and is launching an app and more digital content to make her method accessible to all, anytime and anywhere.

Fun Fact: Roxburgh was dubbed “The Body Whisperer” by Goop.

Milestone: Roxburgh will be launching The Taller Slimmer Younger Meal Plan this year.


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