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“As an athlete with a lifelong passion for fitness and wellness, I am always looking to get an edge in my body and Lauren has helped me do just that.  Lauren’s philosophy will rejuvenate your body and spirit, helping you look and feel lighter and brighter, reducing stress and tension, while dramatically improving your stance in your body and also in your life!”

– Gabby Reece, Mother, Athlete, Author, Fitness Leader

Look Taller and Feel Thinner in 5 Moves



“People have become a little obsessed with this idea that the more you train, the more ripped you’re going to be,” says Lauren Roxburgh, fascia and alignment expert. “It’s really about the way you train that changes the shape of your body and posture. There’s a lot more benefit in rejuvenating, restorative and mindful-based movement systems. I think the more people do it, the more they realize that this way of holistically sculpting the body is a game-changer.”


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SHAPE Magazine: How Bad Is It to Just Foam Roll When You’re Sore?


Foam rolling is like flossing: Even though you know you should do it regularly, you may only actually do it when you notice an issue (in the case of your workout, that’d be when you’re sore). But before you beat yourself up, know that while you may not be reaping all the benefits of rolling that you could, just reserving it for after a tough workout or for when your muscles are aching isn’t necessarily a bad thing, says Lauren Roxburgh, a trainer and structural integrative specialist.


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In the Co: Interview with Fitness & Fascia Expert Lauren Roxburgh

Last week we got the amazing opportunity to speak with fitness and fascia expert Lauren Roxburgh. Personal trainer, mind-body-soul expert, teacher, and soon to be author, Lauren is truly an inspiration. With clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, we just knew we would love her. She was very easy to talk to, and so happy to educate us on how to find our best bodies- think better metabolism, less cellulite, and more energy, yes please! — Megan Bourassa

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Walk the world with Element Hotels

Park-Walk-2_WTW-1024x683Element Hotel has partnered with FitBit for their latest global campaign. Walk the World is a virtual walk that invites fitness fans across the globe to log their steps together and complete a virtual trek from Canada to China.

The campaign was designed to encourage all of us to add extra steps to our daily routine, the 12,000 mile walk (which is roughly 24 million steps) is the distance between the Element HotelVancouver Metrotown in Vancouver and the Element  Hotel Suzhou Science and Technology Town, in Suzhou, China.

We were invited for an overnight stay at Element Hotel and to participate in the event, hosted by LA celebrity fitness instructor Lauren Roxburgh.

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8 Things NOT to Do With a Foam Roller


In Women’s Health Magazine, I explain things NOT to do with a Foam Roller.


You already know the foam roller is a crucial addition to your fitness routine, but do you know how to use it correctly? Read these eight bad habits you’ll want to avoid:


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Giada: Roll With it

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.06.00 PM

Dr Vuich, CLAY Master and I talk to Giada about the benefits of rolling! Here is an excerpt from the article.


“Lately, I’ve been seeing foam rollers everywhere. There are dedicated foam-rolling classes popping up at gyms like New York’s CLAY Health Club + Spa, where they offer the 45-minute Rolling Grace, and Lauren Roxburgh, a structural integrative specialist and fitness expert based in Santa Monica, has an upcoming book, Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique, due out next February. We checked in with Dr. Vuich, Lauren, and CLAY Master Trainer Beth Lewis to see what you should know to get rolling.”


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Detox with Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts



I love this product. The highest quality of sea salts come from the Dead Sea. Add a handful of these salts to your bath to infuse the water with minerals for your body to absorb. Calm Bath Salts are a truly soothing and calming blend including floral ylang ylang and natural vanilla to relax the mind and body; these salts also include lightly detoxifying and beautiful Himalayan Pink Salt crystals.



Ask Well: Do Foam Rollers Aid Workouts?


At the gym, instead of traditional “stretching” I see tons of people rolling around on foam rollers. The foam rollers are in high demand and constantly in use. I now have one at home that I roll around on too. What does the research say about the benefits of foam rolling?


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