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Ever wonder what a private session with a Structural Integration Specialist entails?! If so, read on and find out what working with Lauren in a private session is like! If your question isn’t answered below please email for more information!

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What is SI or Structural Integration?

Rolfing, Structural Integration, and Hellerwork are all forms of alignment and fascia-based bodywork that originated from another pioneer, Ida Pauline Rolf. Structural Integration revolves around a 10 Series program, which is typically done in a progression of ten sessions (sometimes referred to as the recipe), with each session addressing different parts of the body. The ultimate purpose of this system is to educate the body to have better alignment and function within gravity.

What is the 10 Series?

The 10 series is the path you will follow of body work when you work with Lauren privately.  These sessions will target areas based on the systematic “recipe” of Structural Integration or Rolfing.


Here is what each session covers:


Session #1 is about inspiration/respiration.  This session helps improve breathing capacity which helps boast metabolism, calm the nervous system and dramatically improve posture. This session includes work on the neck, shoulders, chest, ribs and sides, and explores what brings inspiration and joy into your life.


Session #2 is getting grounded and standing on your own two feet. It’s all about elongating the legs and smoothing out thick, dense and compressed areas. Helping align the arches of the feet and legs so that they provide a better foundation of support for the rest of the body.


Session #3 is the “Waist-Shrinking” session or Bikini Session.  This session helps reveal you sexy hourglass waist and helps provide better alignment through the sides of the body and core. The arms, shoulders, hips and sides are addressed here, and we discuss where your body holds tension or stress and the way you interact with the world.


Session #4 is the Pelvic Floor. The session includes bodywork on the inside of the legs up to their attachments on the pelvis and on the sacrum, and helps you discover unconscious tensions and look at how control and surrender shows up in your life.

This session will also bring back the balance and tone back into the base of your core, which can make sex more enjoyable – for both partners!  This session activates the pelvic-core muscles more efficiently which pulls the belly back in and re-aligns the spine, alleviating back pain that is so common..


Session #5 is the Flat Belly or deep core/psoas session. This session helps release deep core issues in the front of the body, while improving digestion, elimination and alignment of the pelvis. This session has also been known to help increase connection to gut instincts and intuition.


Session #6 Muffin Top Melting session or back of the core and QL session. This session helps

release deep tense back tissues to reduce compression of the spine and improve vertical posture and spinal articulation. We explore what is holding you back in life and how is it reflected in your body.


Session #7 Pop the champagne session focusing on the head, neck, shoulders, skull and jaw. Helps align the neck and head so that they are supported by and integrated with movement of the core. Also, relieves tension in the face and jaw.


Session #8, #9 and #10 are integration sessions! They help balance the body all the way around. These sessions elongate, rebalance and align the body within gravity.

What should I expect in my first session with Lauren?

We begin each session by taking before pictures and discussing your body and any issues you may be having or any pain you may be experiencing. Then the body work and fascia work will begin! Every person has a slightly different experience but together we will work on aligning your body and mind and you will leave the session renewed!

What should I wear to a session with Lauren?

Female Clients: Please bring a yoga bra or sports bra & a pair of loose fitting shorts to change into before your session begins.

Male Clients: Please bring a pair of boxer briefs, boxers, or a pair of sports shorts to change into before your session begins.

How much does a private session with Lauren cost?

$595 USD per session

How do I book a session with Lauren?

Please send an email to to set up your first appointment!

Where is your studio located?

Uprise Pilates

929 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403