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Emotions can run high during the last month of this year. Avoid diving into panic mode and overcome anxious moods by keeping your emotions in check. Especially when Mercury goes retrograde in mid-December you need to make sure that your determination and self-confidence do not turn into dread. Understand that you CAN navigate your inner turmoil with grace and beauty, so that you come out as a winner at the end of the month. Declare December your month of joy and celebration.
During November, as you near the closure of the year, the planets encourage you to focus on goals in any area of your life. Compare it to stepping up a ladder: when you have reached one goal, the next one is already in line to enable you go up a notch higher. However, to be able to succeed in this cycle of ascending, you must purify yourself first on a mental, physical and emotional level and then start to verbalize your aspirations and yearnings. Be assured that if you take the right steps you are on the path to success.
Finding balance and harmony within yourself is the key to a happy October. Once that place of inner contentment is found it is reflected in your external world. Dedicate this month to self-improvement which will positively affect your connection with others. Let beauty and love be your daily companions and connect with the heart of others through warmth and affection.
With six planets in reverse motion, be prepared for a slow-down during this month. Instead of reacting with frustration to the change of pace, make the necessary adjustments. Think things through carefully and seize opportunities through reflection. After an active first half of the year, this breather comes as a blessing. Mistakes are prevented through careful diligence which leads to security and contentment. 
Time for soul searching! Reflection is needed during this month and your attention must be brought to the essential things in life. Blockages might hinder your path forward. Embrace them with patience and acceptance. And if your conversations get tense, transform them into constructive and harmonious exchanges. Avoid engaging in power-plays. Instead soften the energy with co-operation and understanding. This is a good month to work on loving yourself and honoring your needs.
Breathe out! The month of June gives you a break from the intense Eclipse season and the tumultuous Mercury retrograde phase of the past few weeks. You are stepping into exciting cosmic territory which offers you fun, lightness and an opportunity to follow your heart desires in love and romance. Make this a playful month, embrace your inner child and let your creative juices flow. Blockages are gradually removed and you are able to make great progress in living a life that truly fulfills you. This is the month where you want to celebrate success professionally and personally. Activate stalled projects and get them off the ground now!
Almost half the year has passed in 2023. May is the perfect month to evaluate your achievements manifested for the year so far. Take a good look where you are at right now on your path and outlay your ambitions for the months to come. The Sun’s transit through earthly Taurus for the first three weeks of May supports qualities like determination, stability and tenacity. These characteristics come handy now as impulsivity and hurried decisions can create various problems and conflicts. With a concrete strategy at hand you will be able to strengthen your material foundation. Focus on the constructive things in your life so that this month becomes a positive experience for you!
We have entered the new astrological year a couple of weeks agoThis passage marked a stepping stone into the New and UnknownDuring the first three weeks of this month, we are under the Aries influence which instills the pioneer instinct in you wanting to explore new territory full of hope and excitement. The Taurus phase that follows calls you right back to whatever is stable and tangible. This swing of the pendulum from adventurousness to comfort and security makes this month hugely contrasting and varied.

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