These 5 visualizations are each about 10-15 minutes long and essentially they are guided meditations where I talk you through a calming ‘journey’ that will help you to go deep within and truly ‘visualize’ what is going on in each of the 5 ‘Power Centers’ in your body. Only by getting this connection to your body and what is going on internally can you start to release any stress and tension that is being held there.

Start with the visualization for the Pelvic Floor Power Center and work your way up doing the visualizations for the Deep Core, Upper Core, Heart and Shoulders and Head. You don’t need to do them all at once but, at least the first time you do them, work your way through the sequence from bottom to top. Once you have tried them all, you can come back any time and do them all or just one that might correspond to the area you are feeling stress and tension in.

These visualizations correspond to the written mantra and visualizations that are in each chapter of my book THE POWER SOURCE.

Time: 5 x 15:00 mins
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