Power Source Challenge

In my book, I lay out an entirely new approach to building well-being - one that is based on developing a strong pelvic floor, open energy channels, and a clear mind. But if you haven’t read the book, don’t worry – these 3 workouts are the perfect introduction to my method.  Over 3 days I will take you through 3 short workouts that will challenge you to connect to your own “power source” – your all-important pelvic core!  

All you need is 15 minutes a day for 3 days, no equipment needed.  

On Day 1 I’ll introduce you to my method with a workout I call “Awaken your Pelvic Floor”.  In this sequence, I’ll help you tune in to our pelvic floor with some exercises designed to ‘turn on’ the connections to this area and strengthen this vital part of our anatomy.  

On Day 2 the workout is called Awaken your Hips and we’ll be doing some exercises that start to get our hips moving because our hips are obviously intimately connected to your pelvic floor.  

And finally, on Day 3, the workout is called Awaken your Deep Core and this will put it all together by ’turning on’ the deep core that wraps around the pelvic floor.

Your challenge is simple - just complete the 3 sequences over 3 days and start to feel the differences.  And like any of the sequences in the Studio, I encourage you to experiment. Once you’ve done the 3 days, feel free to put them together into one workout you do once a week.  Or repeat one that works for you every day as part of your self-care routine.  

Time: Day 1 - 18 mins. Day 2 - 12 Mins. Day 3 - 14 mins.

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