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Lo’s Full Length Workouts

Get Rolling with Lo’s Video Workouts


Body Love Bundle

100 minutes

This bundle includes some of my most popular Rolling and Rebounding Videos! Rebounding + Rolling Videos Included: Glowing Skin and Fat Burning. Rolling Videos Included: Taller, Slimmer, Younger, Total Body Calming, Total Body Invigorating

Rolling + Rebounding Bundle for Burning Fat, Detoxifying, and Glowing Skin

40 minutes

The perfect way to combine the roller and rebounder with a fantastic sequence to burn fat and detoxify and another sequence designed to get your skin glowing.

Bundle: Total Body Invigorating + Calming
40 minutes

For those days when you’re feeling like really getting your groove on, you can do the Invigorating and Calming Workouts back-to-back for a complete ‘Aligned Life’ combo!

Happy, Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

2.5 hours

In this course I walk you through 4 comprehensive modules from pre-pregnancy all the way to getting your body (and your life!) back after the baby.

Aligned Life Bundle

70 minutes

Get the Total Aligned Life foam rolling video package with the Taller, Slimmer, Younger workouts that follow my book and the Invigorating and Calming foam rolling workouts all in one bundle!

Rolling + Rebounding to Burn Fat + Detoxif | 20 minutes

This workout includes a sculpting roller sequence and a fat flushing rebounder sequence that are both designed to boost your metabolism so you burn fat efficiently and stimulate your lymphatic system to help flush toxins and cleanse your system.

Total Body Calming Restorative Foam Roller Workout

20 minutes

This 20 minute workout is perfect for those days when you have less energy but still want to move and regenerate your body.

Total Body Invigorating Pilates based Foam Roller Workout

20 minutes

Experience a full body-mind, metabolism boosting workout, that builds a long and lean physique, core strength, and mental focus.

Bringing Sexy Back Rebounding Bundle

30 minutes

This bundle of 4 videos is a total inner and outer beauty workout that reduces stress, banishes cellulite, tones pelvic floor and core muscles, decompresses joints and detoxifies your entire body and spirit.

Taller, Slimmer, Younger Bundle

30 minutes

These 3 total body sequences are perfect to do once you’ve completed the 21 day program in my book ‘Taller, Slimmer, Younger’ – or try them out before you do the program.

Rolling + Rebounding for Glowing Skin

20 minutes

Want to get your glow on for a night out or a special occasion. This dynamic roller and rebounder workout combination will promote blood circulation, flush toxins and help hydrate the connective tissue and skin, leaving you looking vibrant and sexy!

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Lo’s Free Videos

Foam Rolling 101

This is the perfect intro to Foam Rolling!

Text Neck Relief

Learn a few simple moves to reduce “text neck” that you can do anywhere & anytime!

Foam Rolling for a Flat Tummy

Lauren will demonstrate six moves for a flat stomach — all done using a foam roller.

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