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Lose The Weight Of Expectations And Start Living Your Aligned Life.

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It’s time to let go of the judgement surrounding health and wellness. It’s time to stop guilt-tripping yourself into obsessively over-training and counting calories. It’s time to release the restrictive mindset of I’ll only be happy when...  

It’s time to enjoy and find pleasure in the process.

Welcome to the Aligned Life, your new way of living with joie de vivre.

Everyone has a beautiful physique and an illuminated energy beneath the layers of stress, tension, neglect and feelings of unworthiness. The Aligned Life Studio helps you reveal your unique beauty with grace, power and balanced strength.

The Aligned Life Studio

It’s an unravelling of the nerves. A releasing of the tension and emotional baggage. A shedding of the outer layers of protection to reveal the real radiant you.

Inspired. Confident. Connected. Strong. Charismatic.

And you can achieve all this wherever you are with my virtual holistic lifestyle and wellbeing platform.

Embodying the Aligned Life is about reverential movement, soul nourishment, emotional nutrition and creating more balance, peace and joy throughout your entire system, from deep in your body to your glowing aura.

The Aligned Life Studio has hours and hours of workouts, healing sequences and live classes – it’s a one-stop lifestyle platform that will help you to get the body and life of your dreams. And it can all be done in the comfort and safety of your own home with minimal equipment because it’s available wherever you are, either online or on the Lo Rox app.

Attaining the body of your dreams may seem like a far-fetched fairytale, but it comes down to tuning into your authentic rhythm and aligning your heart, mind, body, beliefs and spirit. Because at the end of the day it’s all about you - and the Aligned Life Studio is here to help reveal the real YOU.

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Move: Workouts for every occasion


Workouts for every occasion arranged by time, type and tool.

Tools: My signature body collection


My Signature Body Collection foam rollers, rebounders, body smoothing tools and more.

Nourish: Fascia Foods Recipes


“Fascia Foods” Meal Guides, recipes and “Ideal Day” planners to get you eating right.

Lifestyle: Lauren Roxburgh Blog


Mediations, Playlists, Blogs and other resources to help you live your Aligned Life.

Meet Lauren

Hey! I’m Lauren Roxburgh. Some call me the “Body Whisperer”, but you can call me Lo. As a board-certified structural integration practitioner with a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology, I’m a best-selling author and an expert on all things fascia and body alignment. 

During my years of education and training, what I have discovered to be true is that each and every one of us has a beautiful physique, an illuminated energy and authentic purpose beneath all the layers of stress, tension, neglect and feelings of unworthiness. The Aligned Life Studio helps you reveal your own unique beauty and live with grace, power and balanced strength. 

It’s time to reveal the real radiant you. 

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