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Rendez - Vous with the Stars April 2023

"Adventure spirit, courageous soul, guide me on this path of bravery to master hurdles and obstacles for the liberation of my imprisoned heart."

Dear beautiful one,

We have entered the new astrological year a couple of weeks agoThis passage marked a stepping stone into the New and UnknownDuring the first three weeks of this month, we are under the Aries influence which instills the pioneer instinct in you wanting to explore new territory full of hope and excitement. The Taurus phase that follows calls you right back to whatever is stable and tangible. This swing of the pendulum from adventurousness to comfort and security makes this month hugely contrasting and varied.


On Monday, 3rd April (Tuesday, 4th April NZ) Mercury enters Taurus and stays there until the 11th June 2023. Mercury also forms a challenging constellation with Pluto today.  
With this transit, your way of thinking is more earth bound, slow and grounded. Therefore your decision processes are unrushed and practical. Whatever you communicate is based on solid facts with an element of safety. Plans worked out in your head are followed through with determination and endurance during this influence. The true and tested aligns with you and you might resist new ways of thinking.  Make sure that you stay adaptable and open in your interactions with others as the tendency to be stuck and rigid in your ways of thinking can surface in favour of comfort and ease. 

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On the same day, Mercury also forms a challenging aspect to Pluto.  A tendency to manipulate conversations is highlighted today. Black and white thinking can be dominant. Why not becoming the eager listener?

 Let us celebrate the Full Moon in Libra on Thursday, 6th April by connecting with others through a pure and loving heart. The Sun in Aries is opposing the Moon today and emotions can run high. Drama in relationships are interfering with the need for equilibrium and harmony between the self and the other, between autonomy and dependence.  Libra has a need for sharing and relationships. Compromise and negotiation skills with others are required to stay in balance. The Libra Full Moon accentuates the conflict between being diplomatic and pleasing others and the urge for pushing through self motivated interests. Jupiter and Chiron are also lined up with the Sun and the Moon during this lunation. They remind you that your healing path is supported by those you value. These two celestial bodies emphasize how important these people are for you in this process.

There is never a bad time to do a Self-Love ritual, but the night of the Full Moon is a particularly favourable time to practice it. Here is an idea to get you started:
  1. Begin the ritual by going into your body, whether be it stretching, breath work, or a Full Moon bath.
  2. Then, decide on a cleansing water of your choice (Moon water, rose water, etc.) and sit in front of a mirror.
  3. Wipe the mirror down with your water while holding the intention to clear away any illusions stopping you from fully loving yourself, letting yourself be loved, and aligning with love.
  4. Sit in front of the mirror and gaze softly at yourself. You can also do some breath work here, or repeat a mantra - anything that allows you to connect to your heart.
  5. Close out the ritual by thanking yourself, the Moon, and the Universe for holding you in Self-Love.

Thoughts to consider on the Libra Full Moon:

How can I be true to myself and connect with others?

How can I integrate a loved one into my healing path?

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There is an aspect of ease between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces on Friday, 7th April.  Make good use of this day and help somebody who requires support. You feel a softness and caring spark in you which leads you to offer acts of selflessness to those who are disadvantaged.

The planet of beauty and harmony, Venus, is entering Gemini on Tuesday, 11th April (Wednesday, 12th April NZ) and remains there until the 7th May 2023.  Over the next few weeks, variety and social interaction become paramount to you. You want to play, have fun, be flirtatious, and carefee with no strings attached. Attraction happens between minds and  words become the bonding point. Online dating is enticing as it offers you an opportunity to connect with somebody of interest in a detached and loose manner.

 "A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”

On Thursday, 13th April the Sun meets Jupiter in Aries.  You smell the zest of life today and there is nothing that can hold you back from experiencing life to its full. Your optimism is contagious and your drive to explore new adventures is limitless. You feel at your very best which can display as an inflated ego and as over-confidence! Practicality is thrown out of the window. Everything in you cries out for expansion, forward movement and stepping into new territory. This is the day to enter a race or a competition. You have a good chance of winning as long  as you use these boundless energies wisely!
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Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces  on Saturday, 15th April.  
You might be challenged by communication issues in your relationship. The urge to escape the scene can be tempting however you need to take responsibility to go to the source of the problem and solve it with a caring heart.
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Mark Wednesday, 19th April (Thursday, 20th April NZ) in your diary as you experience a Total Solar Eclipse and a New Moon in Aries.  This Solar Eclipse can affect you up to six months and is related to new beginnings. Themes you are challenged with are bravery, courage, assertiveness and self-empowerment. Reflect on how you can integrate these attributes of the Ram into your life - if you have neglected them. Be the true authentic Self you are supposed to be and manifest it in the deepest corners of your existence. Understand that endings are needed for growth and evolvement. Ask yourself “What qualities do I value in me and what is the relationship I have with myself?” Expose yourself to risks and new endeavours to learn through new experiences. You might act impulsively today without being aware of the hurt you can inflict in others. Self-confidence is healthy  and empowering as long as it respects the feelings of others. This Solar Eclipse offers you an opportunity to expand, improve and set new projects in motion. As you venture out into the NEW have faith in that you intuitively know your way around unknown territory.  The New Moon forms a challenging aspect to intense and powerful Pluto presenting you with fears and hurdles to overcome. Its harmonious alignment with Jupiter make you resourceful and courageous to tackle the obstacles.  An opportunity is presented to you to expand, improve and initiate new projects.


The sign of Aries is related to the head and the face. Indulge in a heavenly head massage to release any tension and to eradicate your fears. Use soothing essential oils that calm the nerves.  Rosemary is recommended for the hot-headed Aries, while peppermint reduces stress and targets headache relief.  Give yourself a generous pause today!


Intentions for the Aries New Moon:

I am motivated to carry that project through, even if my passion for it dwindles!

I overcome pressure by developing courage so that nothing can overwhelm me!

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The Sun enters Taurus on Thursday, 20th April (Friday, 21st April NZ) and stays there until the 21st May 2023.  After the high vitality Aries season, the slow-down of the energies in Taurus is greatly felt. From high risk to safety and security the change in signs is most significant. Cherish the feeling of stability and allow yourself to adjust to a slower pace of life. A challenging aspect to Pluto takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to assess your values and transform them powerfully if they do not align with your soul purpose. On a more mundane level, enjoy nurturing foods and immerse yourself in activities that delight your senses. Sensuality is high on your priority list over the next four weeks. Power and control games can flare up suddenly. These intense energies must be transformed into a constructive purpose.

“Food is medicine and medicine is food!”

A Mercury retrograde phase in Taurus starts on Friday, 21st April (Saturday, 22nd April NZ) and lasts until the 14th May 2023.  Most of you are aware that any Mercury retrograde phase brings miscommunication, delays and misunderstandings. When the reverse phase of Mercury happens in Taurus, these themes are related to finances, values and security. Instead of investing in a new asset or making major purchases, it is wise to rethink your finances or rework a money-producing idea from the past and initiate it when Mercury has gone direct again. See these few weeks as a time of internalization and re-evaluating, staying humble, being open and releasing any stuck energy. 


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On Tuesday, 25th April the Sun in Taurus is sextile to Saturn in Pisces.  You feel ambitious and goal-oriented today. However this drive for success and materialism must not be based on selfish reasons but must benefit those who are less fortunate. Be compassionate and share any gains which might come your way in a compassionate and caring manner with those in need.

Mars in Cancer is in positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, 30th April.  Detachment from possessions provide you with an energy boost emotionally as you enjoy a sense of liberation and freedom. You might have the realization that “less is more!”  

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The key phrases of this month to remember are:

  • Compromise and negotiation skills with others are required to stay in balance.
  • Understand that endings are needed for growth and evolvement.
  • Self-confidence is healthy and empowering as long as it respects the feelings of others.
  • Your drive for success and materialism must not be based on selfish reasons but must benefit those who are less fortunate.
  • Make sure that you stay adaptable and open in your interactions with others.

You have experienced a few months of free flowing energies with NO planets in retrograde motion. During this month that pattern is changing with Mercury moving backwards on 21st April. However Mercury will begin its shadow phase already on the 7th April. Be prepared for disruptions related to communication, technology, travel and expect delays. Knowing this makes the shift a lot easier and hopefully prevents you from being irritated and agitated by any unexpected changes. Let the retrograde Mercury phase feed you with insights and wisdom instead.


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