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Align Your Body Align Your Life

Meet Lauren Roxburgh

international author and presenter

best selling author | wellness educator | body whisperer

Lauren Roxburgh is an internationally renowned author, wellness educator, leader and inspirational speaker - dubbed “The Body Whisperer.” and a regular contributor to Goop, Women’s Health Mag and MindBodyGreen. Lo is regularly featured on some of the top global podcasts like Broken Brain, Ben Greenfield, Be Well By Kelly, The Genius Life and so many more. Roxburgh is the go-to writer and expert on all things holistic body care, fascia, alignment, emotional health and movement medicine. Lo regularly works with Hollywood’s A-List along with some of the greatest athletes and surgeons on the planet. Named the “Body Alignment Pro” by Vogue, Lauren has also been listed as one of the 8 Tech Pioneers to watch by Entrepreneur magazine. Lauren is also the founder and CCO of the popular ‘Aligned Tribe Collective” community, founder of the virtual Aligned Life Studio wellness platform and the creator of The Body Collection.

Degree in Nutrition and Physiology 

Certified in Structural Integration 

Certified in Classical Pilates 

Certified Personal Trainer

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Hey Aligned Beauties!

I’m Lauren Roxburgh - you can call me Lo.

I’m truly grateful that you found me!

Through my years of education, training, teaching and working with clients, what I have discovered is that everything is connected and our struggles, our imperfections, our gifts and our purpose - it’s all part of the journey and it’s molding us to be the best version of ourselves so we can experience more joy, peace and help create the shift within and in our world.

I have also realized that each and every one of us has a powerful body, radiant energy and a deep authentic purpose beneath all the layers of stress, tension, neglect and feelings of unworthiness. And once we can connect to our awareness, listen to our bodies and start to embody our life's purpose we can heal ourselves, our communities, our world and humanity.

My path to self discovery

I first discovered my soul path during a very tough time in my life. My parents had just gotten divorced and my Mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, when I was just sixteen, barely coming out of that stage when the world is confusing enough. I witnessed my mother’s pain and her battle for life which was more than enough to inspire me to look deeper into understanding how we human beings work.

Watching my mother battle cancer encouraged me to turn the pain of witnessing her illness into purpose. I realized that the key to living a fulfilling healthy and joyful life is a holistic approach so I was inspired to find ways to help prevent di-sease and learn how we can thrive, not just survive.

My Background

Seeing my Mother suffer motivated me to go on a quest for knowledge and wisdom about the body, mind, heart and spirit. I got a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology at UC Santa Barbara, certifications in Classical Pilates, meditation, yoga, bodywork, Reiki and started working with some of the greatest athletes on the planet to help them reach their highest potential.

It all sounds rosy, right? Well, it turned out that I still had a thing or two to learn…Don’t we all?

I found myself in my perfect storm, in an unhealthy marriage and going through a divorce, caring for my mother whose cancer had returned which eventually took her life in her early 60s. Meanwhile, my business manager was busy, indeed - embezzling money from me and almost bankrupting me!

During this crisis in my life I discovered an incredible alignment technique called Structural Integration (Rolfing), a healing system that focuses on fascia, the way the human body relates with gravity and stress. I credit this for saving my life and connecting me even deeper to my true calling to help people find alignment, healing and freedom in their bodies, souls and lives and to help them connect to their authentic selves and purpose.

Turning pain into purpose

So I took this knowledge and started writing articles and books about body empowerment and it took off! So in 2013 I created a virtual wellness platform and studio with the help of my visionary husband, Emmy-nominated and Oscar-shortlisted documentary producer, Gus Roxburgh. Together we are passionate and hard working and combined our individual strengths to build a company from the ground up. At first we shot content in friend’s homes but things quickly took off - as they do when you are aligned in what you are supposed to be giving to this world! Our Aligned Tribe online community grew rapidly once they found out what my private clients already knew - this method truly works!

With huge amounts of hard work and an incredible small team, we built a platform to give people access to this empowering knowledge. The company has grown from an idea into a successful business, still owned and operated by us 8 years later. The Aligned Life Studio streams in over 50 countries worldwide and has helped thousands of people reach their wellness goals and really just enjoy their bodies and lives more.

Our one main aim? To help people globally improve their well-being through an empowering method and inspiring educational content.

My philosophy?

It’s simple. It's about human empowerment, connecting with your authentic self - your real inner truth of who you are when the labels are taken away. Connecting with your individual strength, graceful power and creativity and to embody this in your daily life in everything you do. It’s about finding alignment, both in the physical body as step one and then aligning your emotions, your choices, your relationships and your life.

By doing the work, you will connect to your gifts, attract your deepest desires, be of service, feel connected and know that you’re living your soul's purpose.

I now dedicate my life to sharing my knowledge, as I continue to learn too, through writing, speaking, workshops, books, recipes, conversations, video courses, the Aligned Life Studio and my signature Lo Rox Aligned body collection.


Gus and I are married and have two beautiful girls together, Cameron and James. We’re taking some time away from LA to be in New Zealand for a little while. I always say that "mesearch" is research so every day we try our best to embody living a relaxed and Aligned, beautiful and balanced life at home, work, school, with friends, travel, family and the Lo Rox Aligned Life team. It’s not about perfection, it’s always a work in process way of being.

My Aligned life Studio can help you reveal your own unique strength and beauty and live with grace, power and joy. To be living in this ever changing world today is to build a firm foundation with ourselves, that can help us feel aligned is certainly something I’d love to help guide you to as well..

It’s time to reveal the real radiant you and start living your balanced and beautiful life. I’m so excited for YOU to step into you POWER and shine bright.

With love,

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