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Lauren Roxburgh is an international best-selling author, speaker and wellness educator who is often dubbed “The Body Whisperer". A board certified Structural Integration practitioner with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Lauren is known as an expert on all things fascia and body alignment. The founder of the Aligned Life Studio, the Aligned Tribe Community and the creator of the Aligned Healing Tools, Lauren is an in-demand speaker and presents at retreats all over the world. She regularly works with Hollywood's A-List, some of the worlds’ top athletes and world renowned orthopedic surgeons. Listed as one of the “8 Tech Pioneers to Watch” by Entrepreneur magazine, Lauren was also named one of the “16 women in Wellness” to watch by Chalkboard Magazine and “the Body Alignment Pro” by Vogue Magazine.

Degree in Nutrition and Physiology 

Certified in Structural Integration 

Certified in Classical Pilates 

Certified Personal Trainer

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Lo's story

Lauren discovered her path when her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer when she was only sixteen. Witnessing her mother battle cancer inspired her to choose a career in wellness. She was on a mission to find ways to prevent disease before it manifested in the body. After many years as a student and practitioner, she now teaches her Aligned Life holistic method all over the world to help people transform, heal and align their bodies, minds and spirits. 

Lauren’s philosophy is about human empowerment and helping people to connect with their true strength, graceful power, creativity and their true authentic selves. Finding alignment in the physical body is the first step to aligning your emotions, your choices, your relationships and your life. It will also help you connect to your gifts, attract your deepest desires, be of service, feel connected and know that you’re on your true path.  

In 2013, Lauren Roxburgh followed a creative impulse to create an online wellness platform and virtual studio with the help of her visionary husband, Emmy-nominated and Oscar-shortlisted documentary producer, Gus Roxburgh. The passionate and hard working duo combined their individual strengths to build a company from the ground up. Their aim? To help people the world over improve their well-being by providing access to Lauren’s unique method and offering through inspiring content. 


At first they shot content in friend’s homes and things quickly took off as the online community started to find out what Lauren’s private clients already knew - that her method and programs truly work! With relentless hard work and an incredible small team, Lo and Gus built a platform to give people all over the world access to this empowering knowledge. The company has grown from an idea into a successful business, still owned and operated by the couple 7 years later. The Aligned Life Studio streams in over 50 countries worldwide and has helped thousands of people reach their wellness goals. 

Lauren has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge through writing, speaking, workshops, video courses, the Aligned Life Studio and her signature Lo Rox Aligned body rolling tools with people all around the world.Lauren and Gus have been together since 2010 and have two beautiful girls together, Cameron and James. Every day they try to embody living an Aligned Life at home, work, school, with friends, travel, family and the Lo Rox Aligned Life team. 

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