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There is no judgment about botox, but I do believe that beyond the skin deep paradigm of outer beauty lies access to a profound radiance from within.

I just love the word radiance and the energy or frequency it carries - its deeper than the word glow, it expands beyond you and into the quantum or biofield  (a large field of energy that surrounds and extends out from the body about 8 feet. No part of the energy system is visible to the human eye but the biofield can be felt with the hands, often through either pressure or temperature changes) around you…

Radiance definition:  a measure of the amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface;  light or heat as emitted or reflected by something.

Finding balance and harmony within yourself is the key to a happy October. Once that place of inner contentment is found it is reflected in your external world. Dedicate this month to self-improvement which will positively affect your connection with others. Let beauty and love be your daily companions and connect with the heart of others through warmth and affection.
With six planets in reverse motion, be prepared for a slow-down during this month. Instead of reacting with frustration to the change of pace, make the necessary adjustments. Think things through carefully and seize opportunities through reflection. After an active first half of the year, this breather comes as a blessing. Mistakes are prevented through careful diligence which leads to security and contentment. 

This month we are focusing on changing the paradigm around how we experience and process the reaction of stress, stressful situations and the aftermath. 

Stress is not meant to harm us, but is rather a reaction that is hardwired from within to help us survive. Of course, it doesn’t always seem like that but according to research, this is due to our perception of stress, rather than the stress itself. The good news about perception is that changing it is something we can control. This is especially important given that how we respond to stress is fundamental to our vitality, longevity and wellbeing. The side effects of long term accumulated chronic stress can become insidious, permeating into so many areas of our lives, increasing inflammation and belly fat, and causing weight gain, muscle loss, cancer and infertility to name a few, as well as breaking us down mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically - even triggering many diseases.  In fact, 95 percent of all illness is caused or worsened by stress. 

The same life force that created the universe and everything in it flows through our bodies.

Yogis refer to it as prana; the Chinese term is chi. This vital and abundant life-giving energy is the building block of all life.

Accessing this energy can reboot your system with truly transformational results. Life-force energy runs along our meridians and chakras, which are located in our fascial system. When we create flow and juiciness in our fascia, we open up our energy channels to allow the unobstructed movement of this subtle yet powerful healing force.

A rare celestial feature called a “Blue Moon” is happening this month with two Full Moons occurring in one month. This is the ideal time to connect with the female lunar energies. There is promise and potentiality in the air and although your efforts may not bear fruit immediately, it is the attitude and the trust towards the goal that count. Whatever project you like to see manifested, act on it now with determination and conviction. The last part of the month invites you into a calmer and more restful phase.
Time for soul searching! Reflection is needed during this month and your attention must be brought to the essential things in life. Blockages might hinder your path forward. Embrace them with patience and acceptance. And if your conversations get tense, transform them into constructive and harmonious exchanges. Avoid engaging in power-plays. Instead soften the energy with co-operation and understanding. This is a good month to work on loving yourself and honoring your needs.
Gut health problems and digestive issues are rampant these days. Leaky gut, IBS and issues like bloating and constipation are all on the rise - and other problems like poor sleep, skin rashes and even autoimmune conditions can often be attributed to issues with our digestion.  So it’s no surprise that good health literally starts with our gut.
Breathe out! The month of June gives you a break from the intense Eclipse season and the tumultuous Mercury retrograde phase of the past few weeks. You are stepping into exciting cosmic territory which offers you fun, lightness and an opportunity to follow your heart desires in love and romance. Make this a playful month, embrace your inner child and let your creative juices flow. Blockages are gradually removed and you are able to make great progress in living a life that truly fulfills you. This is the month where you want to celebrate success professionally and personally. Activate stalled projects and get them off the ground now!
Sustainable weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight can seem daunting and may feel like an elusive never-ending struggle for many of us, but in my personal experience and from observing my client’s own incredible weight transformations, it’s not only achievable, it’s also totally sustainable.  So it’s time to stop endlessly beating yourself up about your weight and get off the dieting yoyo - and instead reclaim your life and find a healthy weight you can sustain for the long term - and feel good about!
Almost half the year has passed in 2023. May is the perfect month to evaluate your achievements manifested for the year so far. Take a good look where you are at right now on your path and outlay your ambitions for the months to come. The Sun’s transit through earthly Taurus for the first three weeks of May supports qualities like determination, stability and tenacity. These characteristics come handy now as impulsivity and hurried decisions can create various problems and conflicts. With a concrete strategy at hand you will be able to strengthen your material foundation. Focus on the constructive things in your life so that this month becomes a positive experience for you!
New research shows a major breakthrough in our understanding of fascia and the incredible role it plays in regulating our hormones and enhancing our wellbeing and longevity. The latest medical findings are now validating what I have intuitively known for a long time, having observed healing transformations with many clients I’ve worked with ‘hands on’, as well as in the many testimonials from members in our online community. 
We have entered the new astrological year a couple of weeks agoThis passage marked a stepping stone into the New and UnknownDuring the first three weeks of this month, we are under the Aries influence which instills the pioneer instinct in you wanting to explore new territory full of hope and excitement. The Taurus phase that follows calls you right back to whatever is stable and tangible. This swing of the pendulum from adventurousness to comfort and security makes this month hugely contrasting and varied.
The pelvic floor is not talked about nearly as much as it should be — especially when you consider how much it can actually impact our overall health and well-being.  So today I’d like to change that by empowering you with some important knowledge about this vital part of your body. 
You might have heard people on podcasts or Instagram talking about the vagus nerve recently.  For some reason it seems to have popped up on the radar of many people in the health and wellness world.  It’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time now - in fact in my last book, ‘The Power Source’, I talked about the vagus nerve a lot.  Anyway now that it’s trending so much I thought it would be a great time to give you all a bit more information on what the vagus nerve is all about - and more importantly, how to reset it. Because unlike the city of the same name (although different spelling), what happens in the vagus doesn’t have to stay in the vagus!
And so it begins... the gathering with loved ones, the holiday magic ready to unfold - and of course that last minute panic of searching for the perfect holiday gift.  Don't worry!  I've got you covered with my favorite gift picks for the holiday season (and don't forget, it's OK to spoil yourself while you're spoiling others).
Do you ever get the feeling that your body could use a good reset? Whether it stems from a stressful schedule, eating too many processed foods, lack of movement, or all of the above, it’s entirely possible to start over — and it can take just 21 days with my go-to Detox Flush Protocol. 
Inside our bodies, there is an innate intelligence and natural recovery response that unwinds tension, restores balance, and reboots our resilience. It’s called the nervous system. And with the hustle and bustle of everyday life this important system can really take a hit, especially with the sheer level of stress we are all exposed to these days!
As well as honoring our Mama Earth, this weekend is a great way to honor and be grateful for the Mothers or Mother figures of every type in your life - be that a "mama" friend, sister, grandmother or aunt. Below are some sustainable and nourishing ideas from my heart to yours to help you celebrate the gift of those who nurture you with care and affection.

I am so thrilled to share that launching this May, we are welcoming a new face to the  Aligned Life Studio — and a new way to get aligned. This month, the incredible Amber Stephens is joining the studio with barre classes to get your heart pumping and your energy flowing. 

The topic of fascia has become a buzzword in the wellness industry in recent years. This is mainly down to studies and scientific research that has shown a direct correlation between the health of our fascia and our physical wellbeing and mental health.

Every year many of the health and wellness websites publish their lists of trends to watch and, if you pay attention to these, you will most likely have seen sound healing as something that is currently noted as ‘trending’.  It’s a little ironic given that sound healing is actually an ancient art and has been practiced for many thousands of years to help realign the body’s vibration, improve mental health issues and emotional wellbeing and even heal physical ailments.  But there is no denying that with all the chaos going on in the world right now, we all could do with a little healing.  And sound healing happens to be one of my favorite healing modalities (which is why I’ve now added sound healing sequences into the Aligned Life Studio).  So I wanted to give you a little primer on sound healing – what it is, how it works, how it can help and whether it is for you.

February is a super exciting month for the  Aligned Life Studio and our community as we are introducing several new ways to get aligned and flowing. This month, the amazing Charlie Morgan joins the Aligned Life Studio with classes in yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

I am so thrilled to welcome Charlie to the Studio as she not only is a fantastic world-class yoga instructor with a beautiful personality that I know you are all going to love, but she is also trained in one of my loves, myofascial release.  Charlie incorporates fascia-focused techniques into her yoga practice, so her teaching perfectly complements the existing workouts in the Aligned Life Studio. Plus, I loooove yoga and have practiced it for years (as well as having some basic yoga training).  

People have begun to invest in their health and wellness - especially in practices that boost the immune system - more than ever. And, one movement practice that has grown in popularity is the rebounder, aka the mini-trampoline. Those of you who have been part of the Aligned Life for some time know how much I love the rebounder as a tool for getting things moving and grooving. And, you might even have one yourself. Jumping on a mini-trampoline is not only a super fun way to get your sweat on, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for overall well-being and, even better, those benefits are anchored in science. 

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