When I created the Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation program I built it around four pillars, MOVE, NOURISH, CLEANSE and CONNECT.  Together these pillars make up the holistic methodology that lies at the core of my approach to wellness and fitness (you can read more about the 4 pillars in this blog post ).
Based on my Best Selling TSY book of the same name, the empowering  Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation program is a virtual video workout course with a fascia foods nourishing meal plan also with my go-to detoxifying and self care rituals. The challenge is a time we come together as a community to connect and go through this journey together and support each other. It’s delivered over ten weeks and each week is progressive and builds on the last week. I designed this program as a holistic process and a system that will balance and optimize both the structure, shape and function of your entire body and the miraculous energy it holds over the course of 10 weeks. Don’t just take it from me, check out our Transformation article with so many beautiful success stories!
Right now, a major transformation is happening all around us in real time. As we all stay at home and turn our focus to our health and family, Mother Nature is going through a transformation of her own - a transformation that starts with restoration. And we can certainly learn a thing for two from her journey as we set out on another awesome Taller Slimmer Younger (TSY) `Transformation Challenge!
With many of us feeling called to nourish, cleanse, heal and strengthen our bodies and a desire to realign during this uncertain time, we are blessed to have had many new souls grace our Aligned Tribe community over the last few weeks. I am super excited to welcome you all and honor your desire to deepen your awareness and become more empowered and connected to your miraculous body! So I’d love to go deep with you, introduce myself and share my story. I’d also love to hear your stories and what inspires you!
Do you ever have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night? Unfortunately, having trouble sleeping deep is such a common problem and lack of a good slumber affects so many areas of our health. Sleep plays such an important role in everything from our skin health, to our mood and weight. If you don't get enough sleep each night, chances are you don't feel like your best self–no matter what you eat or how you exercise
Even though every day is Earth Day around here, I’m super excited to celebrate the official Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22nd. The earth provides us with so much nourishment, beauty, healing and also helps wash our spirits clean so it’s only appropriate we take a day to celebrate her.  And my favorite ways to do that are “earthing” and “forest bathing”.
When you immerse into one of my programs, particularly Taller Slimmer Younger 10 Week Transformation, I recommend you take 'before' and 'after' photos for your own self satisfaction and comparison. Also before you start any transformation, it’s important to know where you’re at now. This is going to be your baseline – and things are about to look up because it’s all going to get firmer, taller, more sculpted and more toned! So get measuring and taking your 'before' and 'after' photos because this will help motivate you to keep going! Below are my top tips...
March 8, was International Women’s Day - a day aimed at celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide. It is also a day focused on helping gain more global equality for women - because we’re still not there when it comes to gender equality across the board. That’s right Sisters - there is still work to be done.
With the effects of the Coronavirus now starting to take hold almost everywhere in the world, a recurring question I am being asked is “what do you do to boost your and your families immune system?”
It’s no secret that one of the keys to living an aligned, happy, healthy and joyful life is having meaningful and authentic connection. That’s why I made “Connect” one of the four pillars of the Taller, Slimmer, Younger Transformation Program – because when you have true connection in your life and a tribe to honor and support you, that’s when true transformation can happen.
The reason I created this program with four pillars is to create a holistic transformation from the inside out. This system is structure and a purpose that is easy to follow and you simply cannot have a complete transformation of one without the other.
Remember when you were young and science fiction films were set in the far distant year of 2020. Well here we are already! Cue every cliché about life speeding up and time accelerating (although we still don’t seem to have those jetpacks we were promised).

We have just completed our eighth series of the TSY Challenge and here you will find some of the incredible before and after photographs and testimonials of the Fall 2019 program –  the biggest launch of global Aligned Tribe members to date!

Having a tight pelvic floor sounds like a good thing, right? This is an area where many women have real problems—particularly after childbirth and as they age. When I began studying structural integration (a type of bodywork that focuses on lengthening and stretching connective tissue a.k.a. fascia
Foam Rolling is my secret weapon to getting a gorgeous, slimmer, more elegant posture and a strong and smoking body.  Most people think of the foam roller as a tool to roll out tight IT bands but used regularly, it can completely transform your body, posture, confidence and even your state of mind.
Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that encases your body under your skin like a wetsuit and actually wraps itself around every muscle, joint, and organ. If you’ve ever cut into a piece of raw chicken or steak and seen that thin, white, filmy layer, then you’ve seen fascia.
We've all been there–someone says something that makes you upset, stressed or nervous and you instantly clench your jaw without even thinking about. It's such a common reaction to stressful emotions and situations.
As a 54 year-old artist who works from home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Gai Russo was looking for a program that would help her lose weight (which she did!), but found so much more after completing her first Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation challenge.
I truly believe that how you spend your morning makes such a huge difference in how you feel and carry yourself through the rest of the day. So I love to start my day with some rituals that work for me - and I hope they will for you too!
It literally brings tears to my eyes to see and hear about the impacts this method is having on women who are just like you, all over the world.
Rebounding is one of my favorite ‘movement medicine’ workouts.  The practice of jumping on a small mini-trampoline is not only a fun way to break a sweat - in fact Nasa studies show it’s more effective cardio than running
I’m beyond excited to announce that we’re launching our 10-week Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation Program Spring Challenge starting on Monday February 25th so that you can transform your body (and your life!) just in time for early summer.
If you're familiar with my Taller, Slimmer, Younger 10-week Transformation Program, then you know about "Fascia Foods," aka foods that I refer to as nourishing, healing, and supportive of the health of your fascia and your body.

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