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10 Ways to Replenish Your Body and Your Energy Through the Holidays

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Hello there, beautiful souls! It's Lo here, and I'm beyond excited to begin our December journey together - to a Replenished Body and Spirit. As the leaves change and we cozy into this beautiful, brisk season, it's the perfect time to find that sweet balance in our lives. Think of it as harmony between doing and being, aligning with nature, and flowing with the shifting temperatures and shorter days.

Finding balance, or that sweet spot of yin and yang in our lives, is like engaging in a beautiful dance of self-care, consciousness and awareness. In traditional Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent two opposing yet complementary forces. Yin is often associated with qualities like stillness, introspection, being, tuning inwards and nurturing, while yang embodies more force, action, growth, and strength.

For us women, embracing this balance is crucial. We often juggle multiple roles - career, family, personal growth, and social commitments. In doing so, we can sometimes lean too far into the yang, pushing ourselves with relentless energy and action. While this can be empowering, it can also be depleting. This makes it equally important to honor the yin within us - the need for rest, integration, presence, tuning inwards, reflection, and nourishment. This is where we heal, recharge, connect to our intuition, awaken creativity and cultivate inner peace.

In today's fast-paced world where busyness is considered a badge, the art of balancing the force and flow of energy in our bodies and lives is more relevant than ever. It's about listening to your body and honoring its messages. When we're in greater alignment, we can feel more at ease - physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This equilibrium isn't a one-time achievement but a continuous journey of self-discovery and adjustment, and this is what the  Aligned Life Studio is all about.

Why is this especially important for women? Well, embracing this balance supports our overall well-being and vitality, and makes you more magnetic to what your soul desires. It can lead to vibrant health, less accumulated stress, and a deeper connection with our true authentic selves. It allows us to flow with life's rhythms - embracing action when it's needed and stepping back for rejuvenation when it's time to rest.

So, as we step into our  30 Day Replenished Body Program,  let's keep this beautiful harmony in mind. It's not just about the physical activities we do, it’s also about nurturing our inner world, our flow, our yin, and embracing our strength, our force, our yang.

Now, let's dive into some enriching tips to elevate this journey:

Craft Your Nighttime Ritual: As the evenings grow longer, it's essential to signal to your body that it's time to unwind. Create a nighttime routine that's all about soothing your parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating your vagus nerve. This could be a warm bath with lavender oil, a few minutes of gentle stretching, or a calming herbal tea. The key is consistency and making it a sacred time for yourself. You’ll find two new online classes in the  Aligned Life Studio  that can serve as beautiful pillars to your routine, the 15-minute  Sleep Remedy Fascia Flow  and 8-minute  Deep Sleep Flow. Try them at no cost as part of a  Free 7 Day Studio Trial

Massage Your Ears to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Deeper Relaxation:
Have you tried  this simple yet effective technique from my Instagram?  Gently massaging your ears can stimulate acupressure points, promoting relaxation throughout your body. Spend a few minutes before bed doing this – it's a small act with big benefits.

Jaw Massage to Release Tension:
If you're like many of us, stress tends to make a home in our jaw.  Check out my Instagram for a quick guide on jaw massage.  This can help release tension, reduce headaches, and even improve sleep quality.



Belly Rolling with the  Body Sphere:  This is a favorite of mine! Using my signature Body Sphere (available  here)  or a squishy ball, gently roll over your belly. It's not just about aiding digestion; it's a nurturing way to stimulate your vagus nerve, relax your core, release tension, and promote deeper relaxation.  I’ll guide you through this practice on my Instagram,  and the  Sleeping Beauty Flow  in the Aligned Life Studio offers a deeper, restorative session, if you’d like to  give it a try at no cost with a Free Trial.

Infrared Blanket for Detoxification: As the air gets crisp, the  HigherDOSE Infrared Mat are my go-to for a warm, detoxifying experience. They help in relaxing muscles, boosting circulation, and even improving skin health. It's like a hug for your soul!  Enjoy 15% off your own infrared Mat by using code LOROX at check out (applies to all other HigherDOSE products, too!)

The NEO LED Bed Experience: For my LA beauties, the  NEO LED bed at Pause Studio  is a must-try. Imagine a rejuvenating light bath that supports cellular repair and boosts your mood. It's a futuristic way to pamper yourself!

Cellular Hydration is Key: With the dryer season, it's crucial to keep your hydration game strong. Be sure to filter your water to remove fluoride, chlorine and microplastics. Try structuring your water to make it more electric and bioavailable. Add minerals too. You can also give thehigh quality drinking water from  Hallsteine Water a try.

For an extra zing, infuse your water with fruits or herbs. Remember, hydrated skin is happy skin, and your body functions best when it's well-hydrated.

Embrace Deep Sleep: The time change can throw off our sleep patterns. Aim to sync your sleep schedule with the sun as much as possible. Get outside or open your windows to absorb the natural light within the first hour of waking.Sunlight before screen lightis KEY to quality deep sleep. Consider turning off your wifi at night, investing in blackout curtains and a sleep mask if you're sensitive to light. Quality sleep is a cornerstone of a replenished body.

Nutraceuticals & Magnesium Magic: Stay tuned for my collab with Sparkle wellness, my special blend designed to support deep rest and body rejuvenation. A specific type of magnesium is the superstar here, known for its ability to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Nourish with Replenishing Foods:
As we bundle up, let's also warm ourselves from the inside. Embrace nourishing, warm foods like bone broth (I love Kroma’s bone broth, available at 15% off with code LOROX15  here) , which is fantastic for gut, skin and fascia health, and seasonal produce like squash and root vegetables. These foods are not just comforting; they're packed with the nutrients your body craves in colder weather. My library of 100+ recipes, including my  Replenishing Minestrone Soup,  can be accessed through a  Free 7 Day Trial to the Aligned Life Studio, here

Through the tips we've explored together – from creating a calming nighttime routine to nourishing our bodies with the right foods and supplements – we're not just taking steps towards physical well-being; we're also nurturing our mental and emotional health. This holistic approach is what creates lasting change and a deep sense of harmony within. If you’d like to go deeper, I’d so love for you to join my new 30 Day Replenished Body Program, now available in the Aligned Life Studio,  here.

Remember, the journey to balance is deeply personal and ever-evolving. Be gentle with yourself, embrace the changes, and always make space for self-reflection and growth. You are a beautiful, dynamic being, capable of incredible harmony and peace.

Stay radiant and balanced,

Lo xx

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