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 I am so proud of all the accomplishments within this community. Reading the stories, seeing the real results, the new found confidence and the strength and happiness literally brings tears to my eyes.If you want to go on your own transformation journey then please join me. From the 7 day Body Reset to the Taller, Slimmer, Younger 10 Week Transformation, with your full commitment these transformations can be life changing. My comprehensive online transformation programs can be accessed from anywhere making it easier for you to make that positive, physical, mental and emotional change that you always knew you were capable of.  

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“I was thrilled and a bit terrified of what laid beneath the surface.I dug deep, feeling freedom in all aspects, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental… The physical changes are amazing but the emotional connection to myself and the shedding of negativity has enabled me to embrace the joy when the layers peeled back and revealed my hidden stuffed truths.I was elated to confront and shed them… Movement medicine has been a God send.”


“…within a week of daily rolling I felt my body release the tension and stress and with that went some weight and negative thoughts I had been holding onto. I was able to breathe in a way I never had before in my life.”


"TSY has helped me completely improve my posture! Feel so much space between my rips and hips! Mentally I feel so much control of my emotions and feelings.I started to wake up at 5 am to meditate, walk my dogs and do my weekly rolling program. My sex life has also improved! :) I see my before and after pictures and feel so proud . I can really notice how my posture looks so much positive and empowered!"


“I have never successfully completed more than two weeks of any program no matter how good my intentions. TSY is the only thing that has helped me holistically: physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has helped me release stored emotions in a surprising and effective way. It has allowed me to be kind to myself in a way I didn’t know I could be. Not only do I feel that my body has come into greater alignment, but my psyche too. I feel softer, more available, less controlling.My whole family has benefited from this.”


"My husband says I have changed from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, my hair is thicker, my body way leaner, I actually have a waist, and my confidence in myself has grown taller too! Plus I feel a self awareness that wasn't present before LoRox. It deepens with each rolling sequence. The three benefits I've seen/felt are: lean body confidence awareness I recommend TSYT to everyone because it doesn't let you down. It's such a supportive program in every step, your results will be through the roof!"


“I can’t thank Lauren and the tribe enough for the positive mental and physical changes I achieved during the TSY Transformation challenge… The results are measurable in my 21lb. weight loss and a loss of 2.25 inches in my hips, 1.75 inches in my thigh and calf, and 1.25 inches in my chest, waist, and arm. I feel lighter, less tense, and overall happier. Most importantly I feel the change is permanent. It’s not just a temporary quick fix. It’s a sustainable lifestyle that can guide me through life’s many twists and turns.”


I cannot be happier. I cannot be more holistically joyful. This program changed my life.Here are the benefits that do not show in the photos. I am taller .A good inch and a half taller. I am happier. I have gone down THREE sizes in my jeans, reaching a number that I thought, very recently, was out of my reach. The photos don’t show the ways in which I have modified my life to feel not just good, but amazing. I am in love with me, or learning to love me. The photos don’t show my husband, crazy over my new body, but always making me feel so lovely.They don’t show my increased confidence.





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