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Earth Mama Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

  • 2 min read

As well as honoring our Mama Earth, this weekend is a great way to honor and be grateful for the Mothers or Mother figures of every type in your life - be that a "mama" friend, sister, grandmother or aunt. Below are some sustainable and nourishing ideas from my heart to yours to help you celebrate the gift of those who nurture you with care and affection.

Shop all my favorite ideas below...
JENNI KAYNE - Moroccan Slippers

KROMA  - 5 Day Lifestyle Reset Cleanse - Use code LOROX10 for 10% off

BROOKE GREYSON - Astrology Collection


BELLICON X Lo Rox Aligned Life Signature Rebounder - Use code MOTHER50 for $50 off until 13 May.

RISE GARDEN - Indoor Garden 

OPTP X LO ROX Signature Tools  - Use code CELEBRATE for 10% off until 13 May.



FIRESTONE SISTERS - Wild Precious Perfume

DORIS BLUM - Birth Chart and Astrology Reading
Astrology is the practice of determining information about the nature and course of a person’s life based on the study of the positions of the planets at the moment a person is born. If you are in need of direction, a birth chart reading will be an enlightening experience for clarity and insights into your life. Let me guide you on your path through the mysteries of life illuminated by the road-map of stars.
Cost: US$180 for a 90 minute sessions inclusive of a recording of the sessionPlease book with Doris Blum:


CARAWAY - Non-Toxic Baking Sheets & Cooking Sets


LO ROX ALIGNED LIFE STUDIO - Annual or Monthly Studio Membership


Give the gift of wellness.
Don't forget that you can purchase a GIFT CARD for any amount redeemable on the Aligned Life Studio website. This can be used towards membership, individual programs or COMING SOON the BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE Lo Rox Body Elixir - Body Oil!


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