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Flushing Fabulous: My Go-To Detox Flush

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Do you ever get the feeling that your body could use a good reset? Whether it stems from a stressful schedule, eating too many processed foods, lack of movement, or all of the above, it’s entirely possible to start over — and it can take just 21 days with my go-to Detox Flush Protocol. 

When we think of a detox or cleanse, many of us think of outdated practices that require a lot of restrictions and unhealthy practices. But there is a way to detoxify the body without deprivation while giving it the deep nourishment it craves and welcoming a total transformation. 

Our modern lives increasingly expose us to toxins in the form of environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste, which can build up in our systems and wreak havoc on our health. The body naturally removes impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination — and it also eliminates toxins in the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic systems, and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, impurities aren’t properly filtered and toxins get stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, which can result in adverse effects on the metabolism, mood, and immune system, which can lead to disease. Through detoxification processes, we can help heal and cleanse our body’s natural elimination process so it is working at optimal efficiency, which in turn can help recalibrate our overall health and wellbeing. 

Detoxification practices can help the body get rid of toxins stored in fat cells and increase metabolism, which helps with weight loss. It also helps rid the body of free radicals and heavy metals, which are partially responsible for aging. And, what’s even more exciting is that detoxing can also help increase nutrient absorption, including the absorption of antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress. 

So are you ready to detox? 
Please read on to lean more about my go-to Detox Flush Protocol! 


Detox Flush Protocol 
The Detox Flush Protocol is something I have been teaching for years and I have experienced so many amazing results from it — both with myself and my clients. I’ve based the concept around what I call a wheel, because it will effectively take you through a cycle of protocols throughout the day.  Here’s how it works: 


When we first wake up and our subconscious mind is more available, we have a little more clarity. The first step in this detoxification process is to set yourself up for the day with some morning affirmations. You can open your eyes or keep them closed and say affirmations such as “I am grateful,” “I am open,” “I am hopeful,” “I trust the unknown,” “I am enough,” or whatever affirmation you are working on. Whatever your affirmation is, take a few minutes right when you wake up, before the business of your mind and day takes over, to just breathe and become aware of your thoughts, setting yourself up for a positive mindset for the day. It might sound a bit woo-woo, but setting a positive mindset is the first step in the Protocol and is actually incredibly powerful when you are trying to make some physical changes.


The next step in Detox Flush Protocol is to hydrate. This can be as simple as drinking a cup of water, or it can be a cup of warm lemon water, water with chlorophyll, or water with apple cider vinegar — whatever you are feeling called to replenish with.  Hydration is key to getting your system working and flushing toxins efficiently.

Dry Brush

After you hydrate, it’s time for a little dry brush session. I have been using this ancient practice in my work for 20 years and swear by it as it’s highly effective for the lymph system, but also has other benefits that help the detoxification process. When you dry brush the body, you want to make sure you brush on dry skin — which is why you do it before a workout. Doing so helps slough off dead skin cell buildup, which opens the pores to help you sweat deeper and experience an improved purification of your system. It also clears up energy blockages, decreases cellulite, and firms the skin. When dry brushing, you want to brush toward your heart and be extra mindful of areas where the energy feels more stuck or spots with more lymph nodes such as the armpits and groin. It should take around 5 minutes to dry brush your entire body. 


After you dry brush, it’s time to roll it out! Rolling will hydrate your connective tissue and build long and lean strength before you jump on the rebounder to mobilize the toxins and flush fat.  It also hydrates and smoothes the fascia which stimulates the flushing of toxins that can get trapped in your connective tissue.


Once your body is primed and prepped for cardio, it’s time to get your sweat sesh on by spending some time on your rebounder.  The Aligned Life Studio has tons of great rolling and rebounder workouts you can try at home. 

Infrared Sauna and Bath

In the evening, your Detox Flush practices will kick back up again with either an Infrared sauna session or a nice soak in the bath — or you can try alternating between the two practices over the next 21 days. I am a big fan of the Infrared sauna and am so excited to see them become even more accessible. You can invest in a traditional Infrared Sauna (I love  Clearlight saunas!) or get the same benefits with the  Sauna Blanket from HigherDOSE. Both are incredible for detoxification, energizing the body, and reducing inflammation. 

When taking a bath, you want to make it as nourishing as possible. I like to add magnesium chloride salts to the water to replenish the minerals in my tissues, calm the nervous system, and inspire a more restorative and relaxing sleep.   


After you sweat it out in the sauna or bath, it’s time for some activated charcoal. Charcoal tablets are great to have on hand as they work by trapping toxins and chemicals from the body. But, before you pop a charcoal supplement, it’s important to note that activated charcoal should only be consumed once a week after you’ve worked out and had a bath or sauna. Additionally, activated charcoal is not recommended for those who take pharmaceutical drugs as the charcoal can counteract the drugs, making them ineffective. 


The last step in the Detox Flush Protocol is to take magnesium before bed. Magnesium should be consumed around 1 hour after charcoal, allowing you to remineralize the body after the detoxification. I swear by  Bluebonnet’s Simply Calm magnesium powder


If you want to dive more into my detox protocol check out the Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation program which follows a strict detox flush for the first 21 days, or the 21 day Detox Cleanse inside the Aligned Life Studio. 

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