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12 Ways To Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

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Happy New Year Aligned Tribe!

Wow – 2019!  How did that happen?!?  As another year ticks over it’s a time for reflection and one thing I know is that time is flying for sure.  Another thing I know is that time is also precious and the present moment is where happiness exists. We each have one life to live and it’s up to each of us to live it to the fullest extent possible.

So are you fired up for 2019? Are you ready to feel radiant, graceful and aligned?  Are you ready to create more freedom, strength and flexibility in your body and your life this year?  Are you ready to feel more empowered and make better choices from the inside out?

If you answered yes to any of these NOW is the time to take action.  We’re living in a new paradigm of radiant wellness that’s accessible to everyone, if you’re ready.   So it’s time for less worrying and more believing in yourself. Less complaining and more gratitude.

But the real question is HOW do we do make these changes and take the action we need to take to live this life?  And perhaps more importantly, how do we make it stick? We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions before only to quietly shelve them a week or two later.  

Don’t worry - I’ve got your back.  This year we’re going to do this together and I’m going to start the year by giving you a 12 key tips and tools that have helped me on my journey (and if you’ve read my book you’ll know that things weren’t always roses for me).  These are simple things that will set you up for success in 2019 and help you finally live the life you desire – and deserve!

Before I give you the tips, notice that I didn’t say change is going to be easy!  You will need to make the choice to commit. There will be difficult times and you’ll probably face periods of uncertainty.  It’s up to you to stick with it and be OK with occasionally feeling uncomfortable. But learn to embrace it. It is all part of the journey!  And it will be worth it. This quote from Brendan Burchard might help you as you set out to make some real lasting positivechanges in your life in 2019:

First it is an intention.  

Then a behavior.  

Then a habit.  

Then a practice.  

Then a second nature.  

Then it is simply who you are.

OK – now for my tools!  

1. Move

Starting a sustainable exercise program is one of the two key tools to getting your body aligned and rejuvenated - and getting your body in shape and feeling good is vital if you want to in turn get your mind in shape to achieve all the things you want to achieve.  But what do I mean by ‘sustainable’? I mean finding an exercise program that you actually like – something that your look forward to doing.  In other words something you will stick to.  Whether its yoga, running, HITT, spinning, hiking – or even better a mix of exercises – just find what you like and commit to it.

Fortunately there’s a plethora of classes out there so experiment, have fun and find what vibes with you.  And if you don’t have a class in your area you can probably find it online! I’ve developed my own unique program that is based on working your core and intrinsic muscles and truly aligning and reshaping your body – because when you align your body, you’ll find other aspects of your life come into alignment too.  I call it the Aligned Life Studio, you can do the workouts anywhere and they’re constantly being updated and you can find more information at:

2. Nourish

Eating right is the other key tool to get your body (and brain) healthy to set you up for success.  As the saying goes, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. And a great way to start building new healthy eating habits is to do a reset.  Now, I know we’re all super busy and don’t necessarily have time to cook super healthy meals for a whole week, but don’t worry – there are some great programs available where you’re basically supplied with all food you need.  If you happen to be in the LA region, one of my faves is Elissa Goodman’s Soup Cleanse – it’s 5 days of delicious organic soups and superfoods delivered to your door (I lost 5 pounds the last time I did Elissa’s Soup Cleanse right before an important film shoot).  You can find it here:

Another great option is a bone broth-based reset available nationally.  Bru Broth offers a great 7 Day Reset Cleanse where you’ll substitute 2 meals a day with their great-tasting broths.  I’m a huge fan of broths. They’re super healing and great for repairing joints and fascia as well as having massive benefits for gut health and both your immune system and your metabolism.  You can learn more here:

3. Infuse your Mind with a New Level of A wareness

Now we’ve addressed your body, it’s time to look at a few tools and tips to get your mind and spirit in shape - and reading or listening to a book   is one of the best things you can do to stay inspired, keep learning and continue growing. Try a mini digital detox (including Netflix and TV) several nights a week and instead pick up a great book and get fired up!  My current favorite is:

Becoming Super Human by Joe Dispenza

This book will empower you with information on how to live your most abundant and authentic life.  I know it sounds cliche, but Joe uncovers the many reasons why we tend to suffer and that we as humans live so much of our life from a subconscious state.  As he explains, the way to make any changes in your body, in your surroundings, your relationships, your work and in your life is by connecting to your deep subconscious.  I could go on and on but trust me, this book will help you learn how you can rewire your brain to feel more joy, banish pain, live in vibrant health and attract more of what your truly

4. Practice Conscious Language

I love me some rituals.  They can be a great way to center yourself and be conscious of where you are and where you’re trying go because doing rituals everyday helps you to check in with your goals and priorities.  Integrating conscious language into our vocabulary is a great ritual to help create shifts in our bodies and lives. Our daily language, communication with others and our self talk helps shape our reality, either negatively or positively. Becoming conscious of our language helps us get to the root of what’s blocking us from true transformation. When we become aware of how we are speaking on a daily basis we become more aware, present and empowered to focus on making true long lasting change from the inside out.  Experiment with using the words “I can”, “I will”, or “I get to”, instead of “I’ll try”, “I have to”, or “I need to”. It’s a simple and powerful shift.

5. Practice Gratitude

Related to using conscious language, practicing gratitude is another simple ritual you can make that can have quantum effects in your life. We have a family ritual before dinner where we each have to say 3 things we’re grateful for.  And it’s now so much part of our dinner that Cameron, our 5-year old daughter will remind us if we forget to do it! It’s amazing how just saying out loud the things you are grateful for helps you reframe your life and realize how lucky we all are!  Another great tool my husband, Gus, likes to use is a 5 Minute Journal. This is a simple journal he fills out each morning that - as the name suggests - takes 5 minutes (or less!) where you write down the things you’re grateful for, and the things you’re going to work on that

6. Smudging

I’ve been a fan of burning sage for years – it’s an ancient Native American tradition and sage has been associated with promoting healing and renewal for centuries.

Smudging is a great way to clear old energy and old patterns and make room for new beginnings and new intentions.  Smudging once a week is a great way to clear out old, stagnate energy in our homes (and lives!) and start the new week fresh with positive energy in our nests.

7. Wishbeads

These are a new obsession – and many of my friends and family are now wearing them after Christmas, because they make the perfect Christmas gift!  It’s such a simple idea. They’re a beautiful prayer bead bracelet that comes in a small kit that includes some paper and instructions. Simply write your wish on the paper, roll it up and seal it in the secret compartment in the bracelet.  It’s that simple – you’re now wearing a reminder of what you’re going for right there on your wrist!

8. Forest Bathing

Have you heard of forest bathing?  It’s the healing medicine of “Forest Therapy” which is simply just being present, and taking in the natural forest atmosphere. All you do is spend time in the forest simply and focus on being present.

The concept was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Researchers in Japan have gathered tons of scientific literature on the amazing health benefits, included decreased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone - simply after a walk in the forest.  Walking (or just sitting) in a forest has also been associated with improved mood, increased energy, a calmer nervous system, deeper sleep, a boosted immune system and increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD. So find a forest and get out there!

9. Vision Boarding

This is one of my favorite rituals to help me connect and align with myself and my authentic purpose.  Creating a vision board is a beautiful way to define what you desire and also - because you put it somewhere you see it every day - it is a great way to remind yourself of your goals and intentions on a daily basis.  Since positive, focused thinking is key to achieving goals, pinpointing what those goals are and having something tangible to symbolize them are essential parts of the process. The images and phrases on the board should represent the highest priorities in your life.  Take your time with the process and find pictures or words that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and things you want to attract into your life, as well as those things that bring meaning and purpose to your life. You can choose photographs, magazine cut-outs, postcards - whatever inspires or speaks to you. Be creative and joyful in this process!  When you’ve finished collecting your images, pin them on a corkboard. This board will serve as a means of reinforcing what you truly want in your life and will help keep you on track. Put it somewhere you will see it every day so the images can imprint themselves in your subconscious and become your reality. I find this technique is extremely helpful when you're truly ready for a transformation

10. Breathwork

It’s pretty obvious that breathing is pretty important - I mean if we don’t practice it, we die.  But many of us don’t breathe properly. That is, we don’t fully breathe - and get all the benefits of true, deep breathing.  Breathing deeply and fully oxygenating your tissues can help get your body back into its’ natural alkaline state. New research is even showing that breathing is crucial to losing weight because fat in the body is converted to CO2 - and the way we get rid of CO2 is by breathing.  So the better we breathe, the more efficiently we metabolize fat! Plus it’s pretty simple. Just inhale through your nose and expand your lungs for a count of 8, hold then breath for a count of 5 and sip a few more breaths in and then exhale slowly for a count of 10 through your mouth like you're saying “ahhhhhhhhh” with a vibration in your throat. Bring awareness to your shoulders, pelvic floor and jaw and work on softening these tissues. Repeat this 8 times.  Another popular method of breathwork that my husband is a huge fan of is Wim Hof’s breathing

11. Connect with the Present Moment

Pay attention to the ground under your feet, the smell in the air, the color of the leaves, the hot water on your shoulders in the shower.  Once you have that dialed, you can take back your power & know that you have choice in how you react to any circumstance or situation. Instead of feeling stressed, take a moment to connect to the present and instead, take a deep breath, and focus instead on a positive reaction like inspiration, excitement or motivation.

12. Choose Elevated Emotions

Closely related to connecting to the present moment, choosing elevated emotions is another great tool that will help you to ditch old patterns and reactions and set yourself on the path you want to be on.   When triggers come up, it’s as simple as taking a deep breath and choosing to feel elevated emotions like forgiveness, satisfaction or gratitude. Daily affirmations are another great way to help you live in an elevated emotional state and a vibrant, happy body. Placing your attention and awareness on these elevated emotions helps us experience more of this energy in our lives.

I am grateful for everything

I embody wellbeing

I am love

I am worthy

I trust in divine timing

I am devoted to service

I am abundant

I choose hope over fear ...I’m ready for MAGIC 💫

Our bodies literally ‘hear’ everything we’re saying, thinking and feeling and our lives reflect it - so take the time each day to be specific. Our thoughts, emotions, actions and choices become our personal reality.

So there’s my 12 tips and tools.  I truly hope they help you on your path to lead your best life in 2019.  Please note, I don’t get paid to promote any of these products - they’re just things I use and love - so I want to make you aware of them.

Remember I am here for you, plus you’ll find an amazing and supportive community on our Aligned Tribe Facebook group ( ) with lots more information to help you on your journey.  And I’d love to hear from you, so please let me know how these work for you - or if you have any other tips and tools, please share them with the Group.

And here’s to the best year ever!

Love - Lo xx


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