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Are you ready for a new sexy sequence on your foam roller? Building a healthy, balanced, flexible, flowing body and an undulating spine and hips will not only help you look and feel better, it’ll also get you ready for some seriously good lovin'! A graceful, de-stressed, hydrated and flexible body not only improves confidence between the sheets, but building a deeper connection to your core and pelvic floor also allows us to enjoy our own amazing bodies! These foam roller moves are designed to help enhance your love for your body especially your hips, tush and thighs and create a deeper and healthier connection to your pelvic floor and deep core! 
For a deeper dive into loving your pink parts, check out my article about Secrets of the Pelvic Floor on
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Happy Rolling, Lauren
  ***Photos by Nathaniel Welch for Cosmo Feb 2017 Issue "The Better Sex Workout"***

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