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Beats by Mother Nature

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It’s the start of a New Year - and for many of us, that means revamping our diet, workout regime and mental health routine so we can start the year off healthy and glowing. Many people prioritize their bodies during this time with a new fitness plan, but it is SO important to make sure you are also nourishing your mind and soul - and a beautiful way to take a breath, clear your mind, and set intentions is to try practicing meditation.  

Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting still, listening to a guide on an app, and attempting to clear your mind - although many people successfully practice meditation that way.  But meditation can actually take countless different shapes for different people - everyone relaxes, reflects, and finds their center differently.  Some folks love to journal, others use a guided meditation, some recite affirmations, and others spend time in nature - I’ve talked a lot about my experiences with Earthing and connecting with Mother Nature, which can absolutely be a form of meditation. Recently, I’ve been looking into a new kind of meditation - I’ve been listening to Binaural Beats. Never heard of it? Keep reading. If you enjoy music (who doesn’t?) and are looking to implement meditation into your 2021 wellness routine, this might be the perfect choice for you. 

So, what are Binaural Beats?

Let’s start with the  
SCIENCE  of it. When we listen to music, it has a certain frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). When we listen to a tone with one frequency in one ear, while listening to a different tone with a different frequency in the other ear, our brain does something amazing - we hear a combination of the two tones as one tone, which is processed at the difference between the two original frequencies. I know that sounds confusing, but hang in there - if you were listening to a tone at the frequency of 280 Hz in one ear, and a tone at the frequency of 300 Hz in the other, your brain would process the beat as the difference between the two - 20 Hz, the Binaural Beat. 

You’re probably wondering how this could possibly be meditative. Well listening to Binaural Beats with a difference of 30 Hz or less creates the same brainwave pattern that is induced by meditation. Recent studies have indicated that this form of meditation can boost your mood AND creativity, relieve stress and anxiety, sharpen focus and concentration, and even alleviate pain. Amazing, right?  Let’s face it, I think EVERYBODY needs a Binaural Beats listen after 2020. 

So, how can YOU make the most out of your Binaural Beats listening experience? Pay attention to the  numbers - the two original tones must have frequencies less than 1000 Hz, and of course the difference between their frequencies must be 30 Hz or less. But, where the difference falls between 1-30 Hz is actually very important - there are four ranges, the delta, theta, alpha, and beta frequencies, each of which are linked to different health benefits. 

So which range is for you? If your anxiety causes you to toss and turn sleeplessly at night, try listening to Binaural Beats in the delta range (1-4 Hz), or the theta range (4-8 Hz), which are linked to deep sleep, REM sleep, anxiety reduction and relaxation. Plus, the theta range can boost your creativity. If you are feeling like the anxiety of this past year is dampening your spirit, or you are drowning in the uncertainty and negativity of these times, absolutely try listening to Binaural Beats in the alpha range (8-13 Hz). Besides its relaxing and anxiety-alleviating capacities, beats in the alpha range can boost your positivity - who doesn’t need a dose of positivity these days? Or, if you are anxious about a project for work or school, and you need to buckle up and get down to work, give Binaural Beats in the beta range (14-30 Hz) a listen for a boost in concentration, focus, problem solving abilities, and even enhanced memory. You will have that project done in no time. 

So, now that you know the basics, it’s time to grab your headphones, find a calm, peaceful spot in your home, your backyard, or Mother Nature, and tune into my newly released for  February Binaural Beats playlist in my Aligned Life Studio! You just need to listen for half an hour each day to reap the benefits, but if you are relaxing, resetting, and grooving to the Binaural Beats, just keep listening and let those brainwaves work their magic. If you would like to try my relaxing Binaural Beats playlist, check out my  Aligned Life Studio, which is full of rolling and rebounding sequences, meal plans, and even guided visualizations for all of your 2021 wellness wishes. You can give the studio a try with a  free 7 day trial!


Happy listening. 
xx, Lo

P.S. I learned a lot about Binaural Beats and their amazing health benefits from this beautiful blog from  Healthline - give it a read if you want to learn more about these magic, meditative beats.

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