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Rox Star: How Gai Reconnected With Her Body and Discovered a New Sense of Confidence

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As a 54 year-old artist who works from home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Gai Russo was looking for a program that would help her lose weight (which she did!), but found so much more after completing her first Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation challenge. Gai is one of the original TSY Transformation participants and a longtime Aligned Tribe member with an amazing story that we couldn't help but share as we approach theTaller, Slimmer, Younger Fall Transformation Challenge that begins on September 9!  In fact, this coming Fall Challenge will be Gai's sixth challenge so far, and she says each time she learns something new and gains even more benefits. In preparation for the coming challenge, Gai even teamed up with a friend from the Aligned Tribe Facebook group to work through each of the Pillars fromThe Power Source. Now that is dedication! Gai is such an amazing member of the tribe and we are so excited to highlight her story here on the blog.  Keep reading for our special Q+A with Gai and learn more about her experience with the Taller, Slimmer Younger Challenge. Remember, the doors have opened and it's not too late to join the challenge which begins on September 9!  

How did you discover the TSY Challenge and Lauren Roxburgh?

I saw Lo's book on Goop in 2016, and I bought the book and did the program for a full year and it was amazing. I loved it. And then in 2017, it was a tough year for me for a lot of reasons - everything going on in the world was just so difficult and I felt like I really need to change what I'm doing. And Lauren had posted on Instagram to send in a picture so I could have a chance to try the new TSY transformation challenge, and I did.  Before finding Lo I did some yoga, but I'm not really into the group workout classes. I like to have my own schedule, I work from home as an artist and have weird hours so I was looking for something I could do on my own. And having the food plan that comes with the challenge and all of the information on how to use food to give your body the best support to roll and rebound was so great. All four of those things together–the connection on the Facebook group, along with the food and the rolling and the rebounding–everything compliments each other and they all sort of fit together.  

When did you do your first TSY Transformation - tell us about your experience?

The challenge on Sept. 9 will be my sixth go-round and every time the challenge gets harder and easier at the same time. When I say easier, I just mean it gets easier to understand how things go together--you understand more. And it takes you deeper every time. It makes your awareness broader and greater, not just about yourself but about everything around you. The first 3 weeks of my first challenge I lost so much fat and weight just from following the diet advice and doing the protocol. Also, I'm a vegan - it's just my lifestyle choice and who I am as a person – and Lo offers the eating plans for whomever and it's really easy to adapt if you are a plant-based person to follow her nutrition advice – and I still do to this day. So if anyone else if a vegan or vegetarian and is shy about the program, you can definitely do it. I have so much more energy.  Weight loss is what I was looking for when I signed up for the transformation and it happened. But I didn't know what I would gain in knowing who I am as a person and what I wanted, and how to take good care of myself.  I learned how to define what I really want and how to go after it. And that just gives you so much confidence, not just from losing weight, but you feel more in touch with yourself.  

What was your favorite thing about the TSY Program?

All of this has helped me meet my authentic self, which is fantastic and the best thing I've found with this program. It's helped me define what I really want because I think so many people don't really know what they really want. We can kind of float along through life but once you define it, you can really get it together. Lo says "you have to define it to align it" and I think that's so true. I think the results inspire other people as well. For example, I saw my friend Carl when he was here from London (and I've known him since college) and he sent me a message and said "seriously, how are you more beautiful now? I can't understand this you have a glow." And he said "you've had work done right?" And I told him no and that he has to look into Lo's program as well.  

What has been different about following Lauren’s Program?

I really feel like Lo addresses your ‘third’ body. So you have your emotional body, your aura (which some people make light of but I believe it really exists) and that was a real turning point for what works so well with this program because Lo addresses the mind body connection. I don't think anyone out there really talks about the body the way she does - like how the muscles work and how they are all connected and how your jaw is connected to your pelvic floor and what it does. And she's very soothing and relaxing to listen to. You can have her on your phone or screen and I find her ability to teach you about yourself is even better than going to yoga class because I've never heard anyone at a yoga class describe and diagram the body in a scientific yet emotional way and she does that perfectly.  

In what ways has Lauren’s method improved your life?

We take on so much as women, and I'm not a mother but I'm a wife, and I have a lot of clients that I work with. And you take on all of that energy and you have to figure out who you are and how to take it on and let it go, and I found that this method really does help you with – more than anything – how let go of emotions or negative desires, old habits that don't serve you. I can be slightly compulsive, especially as an artist, but I found those habits sort of slipped away. So it's really wonderful if you have anxiety or compulsive behavior, I found that you sort of don't need those anymore, you let them go. I think it gives you more patience with yourself and with others, so that's another positive thing I've gained. I can't imagine my life without it and I can't imagine how I've gotten this far without it.  Click here to sign up for the TSY Challenge today and you could be featured next! 

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