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The non-toxic brand I use daily...

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March 8, was International Women’s Day - a day aimed at celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide. It is also a day focused on helping gain more global equality for women - because we’re still not there when it comes to gender equality across the board. That’s right Sisters - there is still work to be done.

International Women’s Day made me reflect on what it means to be a woman today. There’s no doubt we’re all juggling multiple roles in an increasingly fast-paced world. But as I pondered my place in it all I felt so proud to be a woman - a woman who is helping serve a community and giving back with the gifts I’ve been given. I also realized how lucky I am to know so many friends - including many of you in our incredible Aligned Tribe - who are women that inspire me on the daily. I’m talking about all of you who have run families, hold down big jobs, face challenges with grace and even run incredible businesses or who give their time to great causes.

So today I want to highlight two of my friends - the outstanding female founders of one of my favorite non-toxic home brands, The Laundress. Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd were originally young fashion enthusiasts who both launched careers in one of the world's best-dressed cities, New York. As Gwen and Lindsey invested in building their wardrobes, they were confronted with the frustration of maintaining them: replacing prematurely worn items and paying painful dry cleaning bills (side note: 90% of items labeled “Dry Clean Only” are actually washable!)

In 2002, Gwen and Lindsey spent two years researching and developing the products they wished were out there in the marketplace for laundering their precious clothes. The result is The Laundress - an amazingly effective, non-toxic line of laundry and home cleaning products that today you can find both online and in stores around the world. It’s an incredible business run by two incredible women and every product they release has been meticulously researched and carefully crafted to work its magic with outstanding results.

I’ve been using their incredible eco-friendly and non toxic products for several years! Within their impressive product range are four things I use almost daily…. I use the Sport Detergent and the antibacterial magical Sport Spray to freshen everything including yoga mats, running shoes and of course my signature Body Rolling tools! Plus, with 2 young girls and a busy household, I use the Baby Detergent and Fabric Conditioner most days too. Both smell absolutely divine, full of a crisp blend of leafy greens, orange, rose, eucalyptus, and jasmine with undertones of musk. More importantly, these hardworking formulas are incredibly effective as well as being non-toxic and gentle for the whole family.

As with all products these days, many of us want to know exactly how ‘clean’ clean is? Are these products fully natural and what do environmental ratings mean? So I reached out to Gwen and Lindsey regarding these concerns and this is what they said...

“We stand behind the safety, efficacy, and components in our products. We both have families, children, and pets in our lives and we use these products in our homes - you could say we test them on ourselves! That’s why we only use the best and safest plant-derived ingredients to have the optimum cleaning and fabric care results as well as being safe for ourselves and our loved ones.” We all have a choice to “vote with our dollars” when making product choices. That’s why I choose their products for my family. And that’s why I celebrate Gwen and Lindsey’s efforts in bringing good non-toxic products to our everyday. Two true examples of what it means to be kick ass female founders who are doing their bit to make the world a better place!

While we’re talking about celebration, The Laundress are offering the Baby Duo (their Baby Detergent and Baby Fabric Conditioner) for 20% off in March. Please use the code BABY20 at The Laundress. Trust me, you’ll love this product - and you don’t even need to have babies in the house to appreciate it. These products are perfect for anyone who is a bit more sensitive to detergents - or just wants to take extra care with their clothes.

Enjoy - and lets hear it for all the kick ass women out there this month!

Lo xx


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