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Tip Of The Day - Stand Strong

  • 1 min read

Tip of the Day! Stand Strong

Today my tip is simple

It's all about standing strong and standing tall! And I mean that in two ways. First, it's all about standing strong as proud and independent women, which is what the world needs more of right now! Second Its all about taking a moment to be aware of our posture and to stand strong in our bodies. The Key to this lies in the legs. As we all know, the legs are the workhorses of our bodies - they literally help propel us forward in life. It is important to carry that awareness into our day and keep a sense of strength and grace in our legs - they give us a strong foundation to move us forward in life and quite literally take us where we want to go. So as you go about your day, be conscious, move forward, and stand tall. xx Lo

Try my foam roller move for better posture.

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