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Wanderlust: BE Aligned Foam Rolling Class

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, CA
BE Aligned by Lauren Roxburgh is a holistic mind-body system based on teachings Structural Integration and Classical Pilates that combines the benefits of self-healing with a workout that not only builds core strength and mental focus while sculpting and toning the body, but also improves the overall vitality of the body.  The key to Lauren’s method is getting the body in correct alignment which helps to alleviate pain, improve posture, create a longer, leaner stronger and more youthful physique and even boost metabolism and regulate the nervous system.  
Lauren has spent 15 years teaching her method to her clients – including many professional athletes and celebrities - and found that many of them lose gain an inch or more in height, lose a pant size and look younger when their bodies are in correct alignment.  Now Lauren has developed her class to bring the benefits her clients get to the masses.   Central to this is her revolutionary use of the foam roller.  Most people think of the foam roller as a tool to roll out tight IT bands but Lauren’s method uses it as the centerpiece of a total body-mind workout that mimics many of the moves traditionally done on a Pilates Reformer.   The roller is used to elongate and smooth out the fascia, actually rolling away areas of density improving circulation, lubrication and hydration of the tissue.  This makes the skin and muscle look and feel more supple and youthful. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps the body banish bloating, thickness and even reduce cellulite, resulting in a more efficient, graceful, balanced and youthful body, mind and spirit.  
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