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Magnesium - the Miracle Mineral

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Are you searching for the secret to deep, restful, sleep? A good night’s sleep is incredibly powerful - it can be the key to glowing skin, a positive mood and even maintaining a healthy weight. But it’s not always easy to turn off the “monkey mind” and sleep well.  If you have been lying awake at night, unable to relax, unwind from your day, and fall asleep, I have the solution for you: magnesium - or as I like to call it, the miracle mineral. 

Magnesium plays a part in some of the most important and miraculous functions of the body - it is present in more than 300 enzyme systems in the human body - the systems that manage muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, and synthesize proteins. It has also been known to improve memory function, relieve constipation, improve skin conditions, and relieve chronic pain. Amazing, right?

However many Americans are  deficient in magnesium because we don’t get enough of it from the food we eat.  Magnesium is found in nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, and whole grains, but not in any refined foods.  And the problem is a lack of magnesium in the body can lead to low energy, fatigue, tight muscles, spasms and cramps, chronic pain, skin conditions, anxiety, and long, sleepless nights. Certainly NOT what you need to keep your vibe high, and stay active, glowing, and ready to take on each day.

So, if you’re looking to incorporate more magnesium into your daily wellness rituals, I’ve got a few tips for you! One of my favorite ways to incorporate magnesium into my daily wellness routine is with a magnesium supplement.  Natural Vitality Calm powder - simply add hot water to the desired dosage, and sip it like tea before bed to help your body and mind relax, leave the stress of the day behind, and fall into a deep, restful sleep. Or, if you are travelling, you can try the  Natural Vitality Calm Gummies - so easy to pack and take like vitamins before bed!

Another relaxation ritual that not only helps you destress and allows your body to soak up magnesium are magnesium salt baths. I love to add  Pure Magnesium Flakes bath salts to my baths, and I recommend taking a magnesium bath 2 or 3 times per week so your body can soak up the nutrients. While you are soaking in the tub, maybe surrounded by a few candles and listening to relaxing music, such as the  ‘Time to Breathe’ playlist in the  Aligned Life Studio, the magnesium is working its magic! The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it will absorb the magnesium and distribute the nutrients all over your body, and magnesium even helps detoxify your body by first drawing excess toxins out through the skin, then eliminating them through sweat. The magnesium soak is the ultimate relaxation and self-care ritual -- you can detoxify while you unwind and release the stress of the day. 

However you decide to incorporate more magnesium into your wellness routine, just know it truly is a miracle mineral and the secret to a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep. And we all need a good night’s sleep.  I believe in this so much, that I’m actually in the process of creating my own Magnesium powder for the Aligned Tribe…  sign up to my newsletter so you’ll be the first to know!

Sweet dreams for now! 

Xx, Lo 

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