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PIT STOP: My Top Three Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

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You know I’m all about flushing toxins out of the body, whether it's through a workout, a detoxifying ingredient in a meal, or a foam rolling sequence. But detoxifying the body isn’t just about what we put  inside our bodies - it’s also important to pay attention to what we put  on our body’s surface: in other words, what you put onto your beautiful skin.

Nourishing your body from the inside out with wholesome, natural food is very important for a healthy body, mind and soul - but so is nourishing it from the outside in with the beauty and wellness products we put on our skin.  And using a natural deodorant is a wonderful way to avoid synthetic fragrances, parabens, and aluminum - just a few of the potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in conventional deodorants.  But it can be tricky. We’ve all had that experience - we buy a natural deodorant we’re so excited about, we put it on in the morning, and halfway through our day we start to feel a little stinky. There is nothing more horrifying than realizing you’re the source of that odor that you’re smelling in the middle of a work day, in a yoga studio surrounded by other yogis, or even just in the car with family. Nobody wants to be the source of THAT smell nobody can ignore.

Staying active and moving my body by rebounding, foam rolling, and going on long walks in nature are SO important to my self care routine - but they’re all things that also make me  work up a sweat. My work often focuses on clearing my body of toxins by shaking them out on the rebounder, or flushing them out with delicious, detoxifying fascia foods - but I also try to keep toxin-free by only using only natural ingredients on my skin. So finding a natural deodorant that can weather my daily workout was essential for me. And now I want to share three favorite natural deodorants that actually work, so you can also hop on your rebounder and bounce it out, and still smell wonderful after your workout. 



Sensitive Schmidt’s 

I love Sensitive Schmidt’s because it is made with plant based ingredients, and hemp seed oil and essential oils so it feels smooth and keeps you smelling fresh and clean. Schmidt’s deodorant is also free of unnatural ingredients such as artificial fragrance, aluminum salts, and parabens, so I can smell good without putting toxins into my skin. Take a look at their fabulous scent selection, including Hemp & Patchouli, Jasmine Tea, and Hemp & Rose, to find a scent that keeps you naturally stink-free! 


Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur is such a beautiful brand -- they create products that not only nourish the body and skin, but their packaging and branding is clean, aesthetic, and elegant. Agent Nateur utilizes natural ingredients such as pitaya extract, chamomile, pearl powder, and cucumber water. I feel very safe using Agent Nateur products because they transparently list their key ingredients on their website, so you never have to wonder what you are putting on your skin. I also love that Agent Nateur focuses on giving your skin a radiant and moisturized look by using oils and powders that promote collagen and cell regeneration. You know I love a good collagen boost! Check out their deodorants to keep your pits smelling AND looking lovely. 



Necessaire is one of my absolute favorites because it keeps me feeling and smelling fresh during my movement medicine, without synthetic fragrances, parabens, baking soda, or aluminum. Their deodorant is full of beautiful and natural ingredients, and I love that their website details what’s inside their formula, so I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin. I also love their fragrances - they offer unique and natural scents such as eucalyptus and sandalwood, so I really feel like I smell my best. Take a look at their products for a lovely selection of natural fragrances with clean ingredients. 

Now you are ready to pick a natural deodorant and give it a try. You can try it in little doses - you don’t have to jump in and wear it to hot yoga on your first try, you can ease into it and find the natural deodorant that works best for YOU.

And if you are looking to shake and roll toxins out of your body, too, please take a look at my  Aligned Life Studio. The studio is full of resources for detoxifying your body, including my program  ELEVATE, which is an 11 week wellness journey that will raise your vibration, flush toxins from your body, and help you glow from the inside out. 

Hope to see you there! Lo xx

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