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The Sweat Life: a.k.a. My Infrared Sauna Routine

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I’ve recently shared a lot about my  Clearlight infrared sauna  -- the newest addition to our backyard and a veritable mini wellness sanctuary where I can rest, rejuvenate, and detoxify my body. The intense heat the infrared sauna produces is fabulous for the body, and just a few minutes in the sauna can give you a GLOW from the inside out and ease the worries of the day (or year - I’m talking to you 2020!) But beyond the incredibly calming and relaxing benefits of the infrared sauna, the heat can also tighten the skin, ease muscle and joint pain, aid with weight loss and cellulite and even boost the immune system - and these days who doesn’t want a little immune boost?

While I love having the sauna in my backyard so I can hop in for a session whenever I need, I also try to incorporate the sauna into my regular daily routine.  Establishing a routine is so important for maintaining rhythm and creating the “space” and time to allow me to incorporate all of my favorite wellness rituals into my day.  So today I want to share my infrared sauna routine - what time of day I like to sit in the sauna and what other little wellness tricks I practice along with my sauna session to make the experience truly detoxifying and relaxing. So, if any of you are thinking about taking the leap and turning your own backyard into a wellness sanctuary with a Clearlight infrared sauna, try these steps to make the most out of your sweat session! 



My favorite time of day for a sauna session is the morning.  It’s so empowering to start my day off with a peaceful mindset, a detoxified body, and a clear aura. As you all know, I have a morning routine that helps me start my day off with a glow, and the sauna comes right after it. After I wake up and get my morning hydration and OF COURSE caffeination, I start my day off with five minutes of affirmations,  dry brush to kickstart my detoxification and clear my body of dead skin cells, and then get moving with massaging and sculpting sequences on my  foam roller, and a quick cardio session on my rebounder. To start my day off with a really high vibe, I love to  rebound outside in the sun for a dose of Vitamin D, and spice up my bounce session with somatic dance moves to boost my mood.  And before I pop into the sauna to really get my glow on, I will occasionally take a couple of tablets of  activated charcoal to help my body let go of unwanted toxins.  




Now it’s time to hop in the sauna and really get sweaty. While the intense heat gets to work relaxing, detoxifying, and giving the body a healthy glow, there are other features in the sauna that make my sweat session truly rejuvenating. Inside the sauna, there are many different color options to choose for the interior ceiling lighting.  Basking in each of the different colors not only creates a dreamy vibe, but it can actually benefit the body in a different way, which is called chromatherapy or  light therapy. Personally, my favorite color to rest and rejuvenate in is the red light which stimulates collagen and decreases inflammation.Amazing, right?  


Another feature I LOVE about my Clearlight infrared sauna is the bluetooth sound system, so I can immerse myself in sound during my sweat session to create a sound healing cocoon. Sound is incredibly powerful: it can boost our mood, ease tension in our bodies, decrease fatigue, and lessen negative emotions, such as anger. We can actually cleanse our bodies through sound -- it moves energy through the body, bringing us into a state of vibrational harmony, and even changes brain waves through the vibrational frequency, as our brain synchronises into the rhythm of the music. Like I mention in my book  The Power Source, music has incredible power because it pulls us into the present moment, and helps us tap into our energy. In this way, music can also be therapeutic, as it can help you tune into your senses and really become aware of both your mind and your body, by assessing  how the music makes you feel.  

Personally, I love to listen to my  Healing Sound Bath playlist on Spotify. This particular playlist is very calming because sound baths refer to a deep state of relaxation created by sounds and vibrations from instruments. The meditative playlist calms the nervous system, and guides me to tune into the space between my thoughts, into a space where I can tap into my inner wisdom, and fully embrace my creativity. 


After my meditative sauna session, I am ready to start my day in a calm, peaceful, detoxified body and mind. I love to take a cold shower after my time in the sauna, and exfoliate my skin in the shower to now detoxify the exterior of my body, by cleansing my skin of dead skin cells. To help my body stay hydrated, I apply body oil to my damp skin.  It’s SO refreshing and is topical cell renewal nourishing my skin - and watch this space for some exciting news about this coming soon! Now, I amstartingmy day in my clearest, freshest form, inside and out.


Now, it’s time to eat, and nourish the body with clean, nutrient-filled foods, or what I like to call  Fascia Foods. I love foods that give my body a healthy GLOW by balancing blood sugar, smoothing wrinkles and boosting collagen, and it’s so important to give your body the fuel it needs to keep grooving all day long. Some of my favorite breakfasts are avocado toast, or my  Fascia-Boosting Blueberry + Avocado Smoothie, or my delicious  Detoxifying Mini Frittatas



After a morning sauna session, I make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking room temperature lemon water, or alkaline water in a copper water bottle. It’s very important to stay hydrated after sweating out all those toxins in the sauna, so make sure you keep your water bottle with you throughout the day. I never leave the house without my water bottle, so I can stay hydrated while I run errands, spend time outside, or even if I’m stuck in traffic. 

If you want to learn more about my morning routine, and how I start my day off refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized, take a look at my  morning rituals blog. And, for a deeper look into the fabulous benefits of the infrared sauna, enjoy myblog about how the sauna helps you get your glow on from the inside out. 

Now you’re ready to hop in your sauna and get sweating! However you fit your sweat session into your day, remember to thank yourself for taking the time to prioritize your amazing body - and then sit back, relax, and ENJOY! 

xx Lo

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