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The morning is such an important time because it sets the tone for the entire day. When we practice morning routines that get us grounded, inspired and glowing, we’re set up for a beautiful and successful day. So, I’m going to share with you the morning rituals that get me going and help me start my day off rejuvenated and radiant.


When I wake up, usually  6:30am on the weekdays; on the weekends, it’s more like 7 or 7:30am, I love to start my day off with an intention or affirmation. Repeating affirmations, whether I repeat them in my head or write them down in a journal, helps me connect to my thought patterns and set myself up for my day - and one of my favorite affirmations to repeat especially at the moment is “every little cell in my body is well.” 


Next, I head to the kitchen for a little morning hydration: a large glass of warm / room temperature water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This part of my ritual is SO important because lemon water helps to alkalize the body,flush out toxins in your body, cleanse the liver, and improve your digestion. Plus it also contains a lot of healthy vitamin C which boosts your  immune system. 


Then I like to get my body moving. Before I workout, I do a little dry body brushing, which promotes detoxification, and gets rid of cellulite and dead skin cells. I try to dry body brush for 3-5 minutes before I exercise because it opens up my pores so I can sweat out toxins more efficiently. For my morning sweat session, I usually hop on my roller first to strengthen and align my body, then I follow up with cardio on the rebounder


After a shower, I get my glow on with the beautifully nourishing  Rituale Luminoso Transformation Set from  Furtuna Skin. These skincare products are phenomenal because they are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. It’s so important to nourish your skin with natural, organic and clean products. I start by washing my face with the Acqua Serena Micellar Cleansing Essence, which is a refreshing cleanser AND toner that first clarifies my skin of any impurities and buildup from the night, then balances and brightens my skin for the new day. Next, I luminate my face with the Face and Eye Serum, which I am obsessed with! This serum reduces any morning puffiness around my eyes and smooths my skin tone, which not only helps me feel awake and ready for the day, but it rejuvenates my skin, giving me a dewy glow. To finish off my morning skincare ritual, I hydrate my skin with the beautiful Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil. This oil is incredible and certainly the secret to a long-lasting, natural, radiant look. Living in the Canyons in LA, I naturally have drive skin, this oil is so deeply hydrating that it plumps up my skin, and the ingredients protect against blue light pollution, which I love for the days I spend working at my computer or my phone. Certainly the new normal at the moment!

I like to apply this Biphase Mositurizing oil with my Gua Sha -- so I basically give myself a little facial, and smooth out the fascia of my face while I infuse my skin with hydration - what better way to start off your day? 

The Gua Sha is an amazing self care tool - smoothing and lifting the skin while hydrating the tissue, and gives you an amazing facial massage. If you want to see how I use my Gua Sha, check out my video in the Aligned Life Studio - if you’re not already a member of the Aligned Life Studio, you can give it a try with a  free 7 day trial


Once I have my skin feeling radiant and rejuvenated, I take some time to connect with the Earth in one of my favorite wellness practices, Earthing. This is really about taking a few moments to get outside, soak up vitamin D, and find a connection or moment of appreciation for the Earth. Sometimes I’ll go for a short walk among trees, or at the beach (if on vacation), or sit outside in the grass, feeling my body physically connecting to the Earth, and meditate. If you want to learn more about Earthing, take a look at my  blog post about the benefits of spending time connecting with nature. 


Now that I’m feeling grounded, connected, and radiant, I’m almost ready to take on the day. My last step is all about fuelling my body with the nutrients it needs to be strong and energetic all day: it’s time for a Fascia Food breakfast! I truly believe that having a satisfying and nutritious breakfast is SO important to keep your body moving and healthy - I personally love a frittata, avocado toast or smoothie in the morning which is SO satisfying, and packed with amazing nutrients. Check out this video for one of my Get Glowing smoothie recipe.

These are the steps to my morning ritual, which sets me up for a successful, productive, and radiant day. Find the steps that work for you, and establish a morning routine that will help you start off your day energized, grounded, and shining. 

If you haven’t heard of  Furtuna Skin, the Italian-born Natural skincare is elevating farm-to-face beauty. Using only the highest quality wild natural ingredients to create products that protect and nourish the skin, Olive Leaf Water is their secret ingredient!

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Have a beautiful day, Lo xx


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