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“If you want the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

If you frequent yoga classes you’ve probably heard your teacher use the term “vibration” – and you might have wondered “what do they reallymean by vibration?”  It sounds pretty ‘woo woo’ right, but it’s actually all about quantum physics.  The thing is everything in the universe is made up of tiny particles of energy vibrating at different frequencies. What’s crazy is that even things that look solid - like your house, car, pets, and even yourself - have vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. So when your teacher talks about “vibration” they are really refering to your overall current state of being. 

So the obvious question is can we “raise our vibration” - in other words, can we find a way to vibrate at a higher level and feel better in our bodies and our lives?  With a few simple tools and rituals the answer is yes. 

Raising your vibration is not just about feeling good - though, that is a major part of it.  It’s about operating at a higher frequency that allows you to live in full abundance of love, wellbeing, and success. Thanks to the law of attraction, improving your personal vibration helps you improve your ability to manifest the things you want in your life.

It might seem like sheer magic, but raising your vibration is totally attainable. In fact, you might already be practicing some rituals that bring on the high vibes! The good news is in every corner of your life, there is a way to raise your vibration. From food to language or exercise, you have an opportunity to improve your vibration. Here’s my 4 simple keys on how to do this:


1. Rebound Your Way Into High Vibration

Did you know that 15 minutes on the rebounder can change your vibration and energy? It’s true! Jumping on a rebounder affects every cell in the body, which then increases cell energy and endurance on a cellular level as it stimulates the production of mitochondria. Rebounding also improves the circulation of oxygen in your cells, which then helps increase your overall energy level in as little as five minutes.

Because bouncing works at a cellular level, it can help reverse the toll that stress takes on us throughout the aging process. Plus, it hydrates your tissues and gently tones and restores the pelvic floor and flushes your lymphatic system to help clear your body of blocked emotional energy, toxic wastes, bacteria, excess fat, and trapped and dead cells. It also helps build bone density and decreases overall tension by boosting levels of calming brain chemicals such as serotonin (aka, the “happiness hormone”), dopamine, and norepinephrine. Basically, it improves your mood and focus.

On top of all that, rebounding strengthens the immune system by increasing the action of red bone marrow and supports tissue repair. As an added bonus: Women often see a reduction in cellulite after rebounding on a regular basis for just a few months.  And if that all wasn’t enough, it’s fun!  And having fun is perhaps the greatest way to raise your vibration of all!

I love rebounding so much, that I produced my own signature Rebounder in partnership with Bellicon - check it out here! 

2. Practice Gratitude For High Vibes All Day

Believe it or not, the language you speak can have an immense impact on your vibration. Negative self-talk feels heavy and often ties us down and holds us back. Flipping the switch and practicing more grateful language is an easy way to add to our vibration tank throughout the day. The next time you find yourself saying “I have to,” say “I get to” instead and note how that subtle shift makes you feel. Some other examples of grateful language are “I can” instead of “I’ll try” and “I will” instead of “I need to.”

In addition to practicing more conscious language, taking a daily inventory of the things you are grateful for can also help raise your vibration. When we sit in our gratitude and focus on the good in our life, our energy and vibration feels lighter and calmer with more clarity. Because like attracts like, practicing gratitude will open you open to receive more abundance, aka more things to be grateful for.


3. Eat High Vibrational Foods

Everything we consume is energy, so it only makes sense that the food we consume should also be high vibrational. Eating a lot of processed and fried foods adds a lot of “dead” energy to the body, which does no good to your personal energy field. Instead, pack your plate with prana-rich fruits and vegetables which are incredibly nutrient dense and full of life. That life force will go directly into your body and leave you feeling more vibrant than ever. And don’t forget to eat consciously and be grateful for your food as you eat it! Read more about the benefits of Fascia Foodsand how eating this way contributes you to your overall energy.


4. Meditate and Breathe Your Way to High Vibes

 Meditation is jam-packed with benefits, one being its ability to raise your personal vibration and leave you feeling a sense of peace and open to receive the universe’s offerings. Making meditation part of your regular self-care routine will help calm the nervous system and find a sense of balance, which is the perfect environment for high vibes.

In addition to meditation, breathwork can also help induce higher vibrations by soothing the body with a blanket of calm. The key with breathwork is to exhale longer than you inhale, which helps reset the nervous system. Try this: Breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breath out for eight counts, and hold the air out for four counts. Repeat this for five minutes per day and experience the power of focused breathing.


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