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Summer Bodies Are Made in the Spring: Join the Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation Program Spring Challenge!

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I’m beyond excited to announce that we’re launching our 10-week Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation Program Spring Challenge starting on Monday February 25th so that you can transform your body (and your life!) just in time for early summer.

We only open our TSY Transformation Program 3 times a year and we’ve found that the best way to get real results is when we all commit and do the Program together to deeply benefit from the awesome support of our high vibe Aligned Tribe community!

As a member of our mailing list you will get 20% OFFthe Taller Slimmer Younger Transformation Program when you join the Spring Challenge. And remember, once you get the Program you will have access forever so that you can repeat it anytime - plus you can join any of our future Challenges.

If you already have the Program, the Spring Challenge is the perfect way to hit reset as we come out of those winter months.  Just review your E-book, start meal prepping and be ready to roll on Monday 2/25.

If you haven’t experienced the Program, it’s an incredible 10-week Program that takes you step-by-step as you gracefully incorporate movement medicine and self care into your life.  It includes over 250-minutes of my signature rolling videos based on my best-selling book of the same name, Taller Slimmer Younger. You’ll receive a new progressive 20-minute video each week plus my 100 page E-book with a “How-to-Guide” to all my favorite self care rituals, a healing meal plan based on what I call ‘Fascia Foods’ that will nurture and heal your fascia (or connective tissue), shopping lists and easy nourishing recipes.  Plus you’ll become a member of our private Facebook group where I’ll be providing more information, answering questions, doing weekly Facebook Lives - and where you can also get inspiration and support from the other amazing members of our ‘Aligned Tribe’ who are also doing the Program.

I developed this Program based on the method I’ve developed over the last 2 decades and have been practicing with my private clients - including some of the top celebrities and athletes in the world.  And now it’s available to you wherever you are on the planet. All you need to get started is a 36’ medium density foam roller like this one.

This Program will blow your mind and transform your body, open your heart, help you de-stress, lose excess weight, gain an inch in height, drop a pants size, banish pain, clear stuck emotions and calm your nervous system. So what are you waiting for?  And if you don’t believe me, check out this review from one of our amazing Aligned Tribe members, Gai:


TSYT has become my lifestyle. Every pillar is so fulfilling. Nothing could stop me from joining TSYT, it's the perfect program for all as you can practice anywhere, anytime. My husband says I have changed from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, my hair is thicker, my body way leaner, I actually have a waist, and my confidence in myself has grown taller too!  Plus I feel a self awareness that wasn't present before I tried Lauren’s Program. It's such a supportive Program in every step, your results will be through the roof! Along with your self esteem. Thank you Lauren Roxburgh for creating this lifestyle. I'm in. Forever" Gai Ellen Russo, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

And for some added motivation we are giving away over $2,000 worth of prizes to the person who has the most profound transformation.  All you have to do is take a ‘Before’ photo and send it in to us by the 25th of February and then send your ‘After’ photo at the end of the 10-week Program, plus add a paragraph on how the Transformation has helped you.

We’ll be giving a beauty gift pack from Goop, a set of my signature rollers, my TSY book, a Varley Activewear Set, and a personal Skype consultation with me. Plus the winner will receive one year of access to my new Aligned Life Studio streaming platform.

So, please click here to sign up and get ready to roll on Monday, Feb. 25!

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