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The Two Simple Detox Practices That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Rebounding is one of my favorite ‘movement medicine’ workouts.  The practice of jumping on a small mini-trampoline is not only a fun way to break a sweat - in fact Nasa studies show it’s more effective cardio than running - it’s also low impact on the body.  If you aren’t familiar with the rebounder my favorite is the bellicon.  Perhaps more importantly, rebounding is also a great way to activate the lymphatic system. And the lymph system is perhaps the one system in your body that you want to have functioning as efficiently as possible since it's responsible for carrying out all of the waste and toxins we work so hard to cleanse our bodies of.  

But did you know that there is a simple practice you can add to your rebounding routine that will really take things to the next level?  And chances are, you might already be doing it.

Why dry brushing + sweating is such a powerful combo

You probably know about dry brushing - and hopefully you are using your dry brush before your shower.  But you can strategically time this practice with your rebounding routine to get even more benefits. Dry brushing is a powerful tool to help increase circulation and lymph flow, but if you add dry brushing to your routine immediately before your workout instead of (or as well as) before your shower, you will reap the benefits of increased detoxification. Dry brushing before you move and sweat is so powerful because when you dry brush, you are opening up your pores - which means your body can eliminate even more toxins through those opened pores during your workout.

So try dry brushing for a couple of minutes before you do your rebounding workout and you’ll find it will really help intensify the detox effect.  And if rebounding isn’t your jam, don’t worry. The same principal works before basically any workout that gets you sweating.  So make your dry brush part of your workout kit and whether you are spinning, running, doing a HIIT class or whatever it is you like to do, get out your dry brush for a couple of minutes before you start your workout to get the full benefits of working up a sweat.

Where foam rolling fits into your detox routine

The second ‘detox hack’ is to add foam rolling beforeyour workout.  If you know anything about me you’ll know I am a huge fan of foam rolling - so much so that I even wrote a book about it.  But here’s the thing - most people think of foam rolling as something you do aftera workout to massage sore muscles.  But foam rolling is actually more effective if you do it before your workout.  Not only is it a great warm up that helps prep your muscles and joints for a workout, but it also boosts circulation and gets the lymphatic system pumping.  And this can really maximise the detoxifying benefits of your workout because you’ll be more efficiently processing the toxins that may have accumulated in your body as you workout.  

Now if the thought of adding another couple of steps to your busy fitness routine sounds overwhelming, don't sweat it (pun intended!). Even spending just a few minutes dry brushing and about 5 minutes on the foam roller can make a huge difference in the quality and results of your workout. Before you know it, it will be a part of your routine and you won't be able to start your workout without brushing and rolling because you will feel the difference right away.  So stick with it and take a few minutes to maximise the rest of the time you spend working out.

Ready to get started with your detox routine? For tons of foam rolling and rebounding videos, be sure to check out the Aligned Life Studiowhere you can stream all of my latest content and videos all in one place!

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