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Aligned Tribe Transformations

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It literally brings tears to my eyes to see and hear about the impacts this method is having on women who are just like you, all over the world.  Please check out the incredible results that some of our beautiful, strong and amazing Aligned Tribe members have achieved by following this method.  Not only do they look great but perhaps more importantly, when you read their full testimonials you will learn that many other aspects of their life have also improved.  I’d love to work with you to achieve a similar transformation in your life - so what are you waiting for!  Lo xx

Patricia Lee

I feel like I had my own private fabulous coach working with me hands-on in my home for weekly sessions.

Gai Russo

I can’t believe what a transformation has occurred in my physical, mental, emotional and subconscious self.  A year ago I didn’t feel or look like the person I am today.

Lauren Laughlin

Thank you Lauren for introducing many facets to self-care through exercise, nutrition, and youthful living.

Jonatha Giddens

I am so grateful to have this new-found trust between all aspects of my being: body, mind, and spirit. I feel aligned and confident that not only will I push to achieve my goals, but I will also take care of myself while doing it.

Crystal Smith

With each roller and rebounding session, I felt the "stress of the day melt away," as Lauren says. My body was loving this! I felt an incredible sense of clarity; I created a habit that WILL continue!

Monica McIlroy

This challenge was just what I needed to get back to moving my body.  I’ve gotten so much out it. I’m feeling better and being kinder to my body.

Brittney Armstrong

I feel less bloated (especially in my stomach) and can tell my posture has improved, even when I’m at my desk at work on the computer.

Sara Hess

I absolutely love the workouts. I feel like Lauren is right there with me coaching me through and I walk away from them feeling energized and refreshed. That alone is priceless.

Marta Barbic

I have enjoyed it tremendously so far and am marveling at the fact that for the first time in years (or maybe ever), I am actually starting the new year physically and mentally lighter and feeling great rather than tired, sluggish, and fat from overindulging.

Rae Williams

This has shifted my priorities and how I spend my time. It’s challenged me to reevaluate and reconnect with my mind, body, and soul.

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