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Taller, Slimmer, Younger, Transformation Challenge

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Taller, Slimmer, Transformation is a comprehensive online program that you can access from anywhere.

We have had thousands of women across the world complete this body and soul transformation program and the results are incredible. 

TSY gives you the tools you need to make that positive change, physically, mentally and emotionally you always knew you were capable off, as well as actually enjoying the process. This program includes workouts, a beautifying fascia foods meal plan and recipe guide, detox flush protocol and access to the Aligned Life Community.

In short, this program teaches you how to fall in love with your body, banish pain and bloat in just 20 minutes a day without exhausting or depriving yourself.

With my Taller, Slimmer, Younger Transformation Program you get some of the most extensive benefits of any fitness or health programs out there.


How Taller, Slimmer, Younger has helped women re-align and reclaim their bodies...

The Aligned Tribe has forever changed my life. I was at a crossroads where my body said no more of what you're doing. No more high intensity. No more hardcore. It needed a break and it didn't just whisper it yelled at me. I am so grateful for having gentle workouts that work." ALETHIA CHATZIS


"Lo has taught me how to listen to my body. I want to thank Lo and the Aligned tribe for the advice and the connection. I have felt so much more flexible and I feel like I'm growing like I'm growing as a person. It feels amazing to tune into my body and my soul and what I need." LISA


"I feel more connected to my body and mind since I completed Taller, Slimmer, Younger. From the tops of my toes to the top of my head. I walk taller, feel stronger, my skin is smoother, my digestion has improved, and my sugar cravings have disappeared." SIM RILEY



Emily Denham - TSY Program Winner 

“I was thrilled and a bit terrified of what laid beneath the surface.I dug deep, feeling freedom in all aspects, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental… The physical changes are amazing but the emotional connection to myself and the shedding of negativity has enabled me to embrace the joy when the layers peeled back and revealed my hidden stuffed truths.
I was elated to confront and shed them… Movement medicine has been a God send.”


Blake Kubel

“…within a week of daily rolling I felt my body release the tension and stress and with that went some weight and negative thoughts I had been holding onto. I was able to breathe in a way I never had before in my life.”


Stacey Cruwys

“I have never successfully completed more than two weeks of any program no matter how good my intentions. TSY is the only thing that has helped me holistically:  physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has helped me release stored emotions in a surprising and effective way.  It has allowed me to be kind to myself in a way I didn’t know I could be. Not only do I feel that my body has come into greater alignment, but my psyche too. I feel softer, more available, less controlling. My whole family has benefited from this.”


Samantha Thompson

“This program has been amazing. So amazing that after completing the 10-week detox, I started back from the beginning.
I found that 
by following the TSY transformation, I had more energy and more positive outlook on life. Aside from losing 8lbs, I am also no longer stiff and achey. Learning the foam rolling techniques taught me how to care for my own body. It’s something I look forward to daily. And I have incorporated meditation into my daily routine. It is how I unwind from the day and clear my head for sleep.”


Katherine Leavens - TSY Program Prize Runner Up

“I can’t thank Lauren and the tribe enough for the positive mental and physical changes I achieved during the TSY Transformation challenge… The results are measurable in my 21lb. weight loss and a loss of 2.25 inches in my hips, 1.75 inches in my thigh and calf, and 1.25 inches in my chest, waist, and arm. I feel lighter, less tense, and overall happier.  Most importantly I feel the change is permanent.  It’s not just a temporary quick fix. It’s a sustainable lifestyle that can guide me through life’s many twists and turns.”


Tiffany Mannion - TSY Program Prize Runner Up

“I took this challenge to chip away at 50 years of build up.  The photos don’t show my increased confidence. They don’t show my commitment to eating clean. The photos don’t show that I have found beauty in me. I have found reason to love me. SO thankful to me. Thankful to Lauren.  You’ve left an indelible impression on my life and I am committed to seeing it through.”

There's a more pleasurable way to move and nourish your body to reveal your unique beauty, strength, grace and power!

Struggling to lose weight? Want to feel confident in your swimsuit but not sure where to start? Yearning to look younger and feel energetic again?

This program is for you.

Join the Taller, Slimmer, Younger 21 Day Transformation


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