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7 Simple Tools For Getting 2020 Vision

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Happy New Year Aligned Tribe. Old energy is clearing. New energy is entering and great things are coming!

Remember when you were young and science fiction films were set in the far distant year of 2020. Well here we are already! Cue every cliché about life speeding up and time accelerating (although we still don’t seem to have those jetpacks we were promised).

I don’t know about you but there’s something about 2020 that sounds auspicious – in a good way. Perhaps it’s the play on “2020 vision”. Maybe it’s something in the mathematical symmetry of the numbers. Whatever it is, I want this to be your year. And why stop there – lets make this your decade. As I said last New Year, we each have one life to live and it’s up to each of us to live it to the fullest extent possible.

So I want to give you a few simple tools to get you going into the 2020’s. These are things I integrate into my life on the daily and have done for years. And I hope you’ll try some of these and make them part of your life too because they’ve worked for me and literally hundreds of my clients – so I know they can work for you too! But first there are two key things I want you to remember.

First, remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. Just because you woke up on January 1 2020 with the best intentions doesn’t mean they’re going to magically happen. Sure manifesting is part of it. But it’s just a part. You’ve also got to do the real work. And to stay motivated for that task, you’ve got to have your “WHY”. Where do you hope to get to and why? Once you have that defined, you can start taking those small steps every day that start your journey to your destination. We’re going to work on defining that in a moment.

Second this is not about perfection. You’ll fall off the wagon. You’ll return to bad habits. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on the horse and start again. Remember that every single day is a chance to start new – it’s the first day of the rest of your life. So if January didn’t start out quite as perfectly as you envisaged, don’t worry. Whatever day it is, you can start again.

In my blog post from New Year 2019 I shared this quote from Brendan Burchard – and it bears repeating because it embodies exactly what I mean when I talk about making small, positive steps:

First it is an intention.  

Then a behavior.  

Then a habit.  

Then a practice.  

Then a second nature.  

Then it is simply who you are.

Now lets do this. Here’s my 7 tools to get your 2020 vision on!


As I said above, making real, long-lasting change in your life is all about having a “why”. A reason that motivates and inspires you. As I often say, you’ve got to define it to align it. Sure losing a few pounds so you look better in a bikini is a reason, but perhaps the real reason lies a bit deeper than that. Perhaps losing those pounds is part of a change in your health that will add years to your life so you can enjoy those grandchildren that haven’t even been born yet. Looking good on the beach is really just the bonus side benefit. Perhaps it is about finally working on that saving plan so that your road to financial freedom finally begins. Whatever it is, write it down. Look at it every day. Believe it in both your thoughts and emotions. Stick it on your vision board or make a mind movie. Share it with your friends and family to make it more real (and make yourself more accountable) – my husband, Gus, and I share our goals each year and then check in with each other regularly to see how we’re working towards them. We even break them up into categories – family goals, health goals, travel goals, work goals and so on. The important thing is to write down where you want to go, look at it daily and then surrender it to the universe and create space for it to show up. So take some time and do it today.


It might sound counter-intuitive after talking about clearly defining what you want in life to say “lighten up” but we really all need to. It is a crazy time in the world right now and we’re all bombarded with a constant flow of information on the political, environmental and other crisis facing the world right now. Please note, I’m not saying laugh all of these things off. They’re all serious things and whatever your leanings, they deserve your attention and I encourage you to also try and do your part to make the world a better place. But just try not to get weighed down by the burden. Remember to keep things light and have a good laugh. If you’re not enjoying life, what is the point after all!


I had moving on my list of tools for 2019 and it’s here again because it bears repeating. Starting a sustainable movement program is one of the two key tools to getting your body aligned and rejuvenated – and getting your body in shape and feeling good is vital if you want to in turn get your mind in shape to achieve all the things you want to achieve.  But what do I mean by ‘sustainable’? I mean finding an exercise program that you actually like – something that your look forward to doing.  In other words something you will stick to.  Whether its yoga, running, HITT, spinning, hiking – or even better a mix of exercises – just find what you like and commit to it.

Fortunately there’s a plethora of classes out there so experiment, have fun and find what vibes with you.  And if you don’t have a class in your area you can probably find it online! I’ve developed my own unique program that is based on working your core and intrinsic muscles and truly aligning and reshaping your body – because when you align your body, you’ll find other aspects of your life come into alignment too.  I call it the Aligned Life Studio, you can do the workouts anywhere and I’m always adding new workouts and sequences. You can find more information at:


King Prawns with Chimichurri from the TSY meal plan



Eating right is another tool that bears repeating because as the saying goes, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. And a great way to start building new healthy eating habits is to do a reset.  There are some great programs available and if you are finding time is pressing you can also look at a meal delivery service.

I’m a big fan of regularly doing a reset and getting your eating habits back on track – which is why I designed my own “Taller Slimmer Younger” 10-Week Transformation based on my best-selling book of the same name. It includes a new video workout each week that will take you progressively from head to toe but it also has a great meal plan (with recipes) and a detox flush protocol to really get you feeling fantastic. I only open the TSY Transformation 3 times a year – and the next Challenge opens on 20 January 2020. I’ll be with you every step of the way, plus you will be up to win some incredible prizes. So come on over and check it out at:


I love me some rituals. They can be a great way to center yourself and be conscious of where you are and where you’re trying go because doing rituals everyday helps you to check in with your goals and priorities.  Integrating conscious language into our vocabulary is a great ritual to help create shifts in our bodies and lives. Our daily language, communication with others and our self talk helps shape our reality, either negatively or positively. Becoming conscious of our language helps us get to the root of what’s blocking us from true transformation. When we become aware of how we are speaking on a daily basis we become more aware, present and empowered to focus on making true long lasting change from the inside out.  Experiment with using the words “I can”, “I will”, or “I get to”, instead of “I’ll try”, “I have to”, or “I need to”. It’s a simple and powerful shift.


Your body knows the truth by the way it feels. When you connect with people and feel their good (or bad!) vibes or when you feel the pull towards learning something new or letting something go, that is your body sending you signals and trying to communicate with you. Be sure to slow down and pay attention to those signals. Take a deep breath, ground your feet into the earth and tune inwards so you can listen to the intelligence of your body so that you can truly transform from a victim to a creator.


All the tools on this list are important – but this might be the most important of all, because when you practice gratitude it is really hard not to feel blessed. And when you realize how blessed you are – despite whatever trials life throws at you (and trust me, it will throw them at you) – then your mindset shifts into a more positive state where anything starts to feel possible. We have a family ritual before dinner where we each have to say 3 things we’re grateful for.  And it’s now so much part of our dinner that Cameron, our 6-year old daughter will remind us if we forget to do it! It’s amazing how just saying out loud the things you are grateful for helps you reframe your life and realize how lucky we all are!  Another great tool my husband, Gus, likes to use is a 5 Minute Journal. This is a simple journal he fills out each morning that – as the name suggests – takes 5 minutes (or less!) where you write down the things you’re grateful for, and the things you’re going to work on that day. Ultimately it’s about finding what works for you and making sure you find a moment to be grateful every single day.

So there’s my 7 simple tips and tools for 2020.  Let’s dive in, trust the unknown and reach for the stars.

This is your year and your decade. Lets do this!

With love and gratitude, Lo xx

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