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The Journey of Transformation

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Right now, a major transformation is happening all around us in real time. As we all stay at home and turn our focus to our health and family, Mother Nature is going through a transformation of her own - a transformation that starts with restoration. And we can certainly learn a thing for two from her journey as we set out on another awesome Taller Slimmer Younger (TSY) `Transformation Challenge!

The journey of transformation starts with the decision to transform. You don’t need to decide on New Year’s Day, a birthday, the first of the month, or the start of week. You just have to decide that NOW is the time to seize the moment and make a change. Once you decide to do that, you then have to make the daily choice to commit to your decision. With daily practice, this choice will become a ritual and pretty soon it will be second nature. With each passing day, your decision becomes your new personal reality. Whatever that personal reality may be, stick with it and you will experience the magic of transformation.

Over the last couple of months, we have all adapted to a new lifestyle, one that has allowed me to reflect back on time and transformation and one thing I know for sure is that time is flying by, despite the fact that we may not be racing around like we used to do. Another thing I know now more than ever is that time is also precious and the present moment is where happiness exists. We are all given one life to live - and it’s up to each of us to show up for ourselves and decide to live it to the fullest extent possible.

With that said, I want to check in with you and find out how you are feeling. Are you feeling fired up to live your best life? Are you ready to feel radiant, graceful, and aligned? Do you want to have a healthy immune system capable of fighting whatever this pandemic throws at it?  Do you want to create more freedom, strength, and flexibility in your body and your life now more than ever before? Are you ready to feel more empowered and make better choices for your body, mind, and soul from the inside out? Are you eager to live your authentic purpose?

If your answer is yes to any of these, NOW is the time to take action and commit to yourself and begin your journey of transformation. This is the time to worry less and believe in yourself more and a time to fill up your cup with abundance and gratitude. It’s also the time to ask yourself: What is the change you want to feel, see, and be? 

 Now that you’re ready to commit to yourself and to your magic ability to transform, you’re probably wondering how to go forward with your decision. And, most importantly, how to make it stick. Before we get into my tips, I want you to focus on the challenge and know that this isn’t going to be easy — after all, no journey ever is! You will need to choose to commit to your decision over and over again. There will be difficult times and you will likely feel some blockage come up and even face some periods of uncertainty. But that is part of the process and it’s up to you to be okay with the occasional discomfort. Learning to embrace it is all part of the journey of transformation - and good things don’t come without a bit of effort!


Okay - now, my tips for your journey!


Move Sustainably

Movement is one key way to rejuvenate the body and get it back into alignment. It’s also vital in getting your mind in shape to achieve all that you want to achieve. But, not all movement is the same, which is why I want you to focus on what I call “sustainable movement” on your transformation journey. What do I mean by sustainable movement? I mean finding exercise that you actually enjoy and  want  to commit to. The best workout is the one you do so finding one that inspires you and your body responds to is just as important as movement itself. This movement will look different for everyone — whether it be yoga, HIIT, spinning, hiking, or a blend of exercises — but the one thing everyone will have in common is that it will be something you stick to. I’ve designed the roller workouts in the TSY Transformation to be easy and fun, so I hope you’ll enjoy committing to these for 3 or 4 days a week.  And you can still do your other favorite exercises on alternate days.


Nourish Your Body and Mind

Eating well and nourishing your body will not only help you feel healthy, it will elevate everything you do, including the way you think. During this journey to transformation, commit to a full body reset by revamping your diet and choosing healthier options. Now, I know we are all busy and don’t exactly have the time to commit to becoming a home chef. But, don’t worry, in the TSY Transformation I supply a meal plan and guide for the 10 week process. Firstly with a detox plan and also incorporating my fascia food recipes. 

Bone broth is another excellent way to nourish your body and works well if you want to intermittent fast and have a lighter meal in the evenings a couple of days a week. Bone Broth helps repair joints and fascia along with having some massive gut health, immune system, and metabolism benefits. You can find more information on fascia foods and my bone broth recipe in  this blog post.

Engage Your Mind

Your mind is just as important as your body on your journey of transformation and engaging it with new knowledge via books or podcasts is one way to give yourself a good mental reset and keep the inspiration flowing! To kickstart your efforts here, try going on a small digital detox and ditch the binge-watching for a good read.


Flip the Script

Believe it or not, how we talk to ourselves and others can have a huge impact on our well-being as it truly shapes our reality. During this time, be more mindful and conscious of the language you choose and flip the script on any talk that feels negative. When we become more aware of our self talk or how we communicate with others, we become more present and empowered to focus on making long-lasting change — not just verbally but internally, too. Instead of “I’ll try,” “I have to,” or “I need to,” focus on a simple and powerful shift with words like “I can,” “I will,” and “I get to.” It will make all the difference!


Practice Gratitude

Much like conscious language, practicing gratitude can shift your mind — and your life — tremendously. Rather than focus on the lack, focus on the abundance in your life and feel that gratitude pour in and fill you up. You can even make it a family affair by going around the dinner table and asking everyone to share what they are grateful for! Or, write it out in a journal. My husband, Gus, likes to use a 5 Minute journal and fills it out each morning. You can find it here:


Clear Away the Bad Vibes

I love me a good ritual and smudging your space to clear out bad vibes is one of my favorites. It’s an ancient Native American tradition and sage has been associated with promoting healing and renewal for centuries. Smudging with a sage smudge stick is an excellent way to clear out old, stagnant energy and patterns in order to make room for new beginnings and intentions — perfect for a journey of transformation! Smudge your space once a week to clear out old energy in your home (and life!) and start the new week fresh with good vibes all around!


Be Present

Being present is another big one when it comes to transformation. Rather than focus on what is behind you or what is to come, focus on what is right in front of you at this exact moment. Breathe in the air and notice the smell, admire the color of the leaves, pay attention to the ground under your feet. Once you have dialed in, take back your power and know that you have a choice in how you react to situations that arise. Instead of acting out of stress, take a moment to be present, take a deep breath, and focus on a positive reaction — like inspiration, excitement, or motivation.

A transformational journey takes time and energy, but with commitment you will see the huge lasting benefits. If you want to start your journey, join myself and the Aligned Tribe community on the next TSY Transformation, which we only run three times a year. PLUS this time we are offering a package that includes the foam roller and can be shipped anywhere in the world!  Sign up here until May 24th.


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