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6 Expert-Approved Foam Roller Exercises for Keeping Stress in Check

  • 1 min read

If you only bust out your foam roller to combat post-workout soreness, you’re missing out on one of its key benefits: stellar stress relief. “There’s research that shows helps to calm the nervous system,” says Lauren Roxburgh, a top Los Angeles-based body alignment specialist who has worked with stars (Gwyneth Paltrow) and athletes (LeBron James) alike. “When you use the roller, you can address acupressure points that are connected to the adrenals. And creating elasticity in the muscles and fascia deepen the breath, which brings your body to a more calm state of being.” 


Roxburgh is so convinced of the mind-body benefits of rolling out that she devoted an entire half of her new book to this aspect of the practice. Titled Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique, the book presents a daily program of foam rolling exercises, with days 11 through 21 dedicated to topics like getting grounded, reducing stress-related tension, and releasing negative emotions. (Check, check and check.) “Rolling is essential because we’re dealing with more stress and toxins than ever,” explains Roxburgh. “It’s a form of mindful movement like yoga—it brings you into your body, and I think that’s a real benefit.” Below, discover six of Roxburgh’s favorite stress-reducing roller moves, all of which can be done at home and at work—just close your office door and tell the boss you’re on a call. Read More.

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