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Get Your Glow On: The Non Toxic Skincare I love

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Summer is here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and as always I am SO ready to get my glow on.  For a Cali girl, ‘tis the season: a healthy tan, sparkling skin and salty hair from hours spent swimming in the water and soaking up the sun.  But summer can take a toll and with the vital importance of looking after our skin, this is a great time to restock your beauty cabinet with a new body oil or lotion so you can keep your skin glowing.

I spend a lot of time talking about how to glow from the inside out, and how to flush toxins out of the body with natural, nourishing  Fascia foods, and energizing, cleansing sessions on the  foam roller and rebounder. But nourishing our bodies with good, nontoxic ingredients on theoutside is just as important for keeping our bodies happy, healthy, and glowing. When we apply our serums, creams, and oils to our skin, it might seem like we are simply nourishing the surface of our bodies, however, 60% of what we scrub, massage, or rub into our skin is actually directly absorbed into our bodies. That’s right - the moisturizers we use have just as much power over our inner glow as the veggies and fruits we eat. So, before you apply any old facemask to your beautiful skin, or lather your legs in a mystery moisturizing oil, take a look at the ingredients and make sure you are nourishing your skin with products that not only beautify the surface of your skin, but also elevate your inner beauty with high quality, nontoxic ingredients. 

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the ingredients list of a beauty product, sometimes it seems like it’s in another language. How are we supposed to know which of those ingredients will keep our bodies happy and toxin-free, and which to avoid? Today, I am sharing a list of toxic ingredients that you might find in skincare and beauty products from this fantastic and informative  
Instagram post from Tracy Duhs. So when you check the label on that new body oil, or lotion you want, you know what to avoid. Check it out: 

  • Aluminium
  • Mineral Oil
  • Parabens
  • PEG
  • Siloxanes
  • SLS & SLES
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Triclosan
  • DEA, MEA, and TEA
  • DMDM Hydantoin & Urea
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol & Butylene Glycol

    Now that you know which ingredients to avoid, you can start looking for your new dewey, summer-glow products. Of course, the ingredients you prioritize in your beauty essentials are very unique depending on your age and skin type - the products you choose depend on whether you want to moisturize, even skin tone, or absorb excessive moisture. But, I wanted to share a resource from one of my absolute favorite nontoxic brands,  Necessaire - they compiled a list of “Yes” ingredients to look out for, so when you are scanning the aisles for a new lotion, look out for some of these nourishing elements. 

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Proteins
  • Probiotics
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Herbs
  • Essentials Oils

    These clean ingredients are not only going to clear up skin irritation and blemishes, and protect your skin barrier, but they are truly going to help improve your body’s function and overall health. Nourishing your body’s beautiful surface with natural products can improve organ function, immunity, hormone balance, susceptibility to disease and cancer, and can leave you feeling more energized. Natural skincare can even relieve your brain fog and help you think more clearly. Amazing, right? Natural skincare products are truly a treat for your body, inside and out. 

    Some of my favorite brands that use a lot of those deliciously nourishing and beautifying  ingredients are  Credo Beauty,  Osea,  Uma,  Goop, and  Olio e Osso. For even more inspiration, there are resources everywhere for nontoxic beauty products - check out this recent article from  Goop with the best clean lip balms to keep your kissers moisturized during these warmer months. 

    Now that you know which ingredients to avoid and which ones to start lathering your skin with, it’s time to load up your beauty cabinets with all the tools for a glowy, salty summer! 

    AND watch this space....I might just have a few things coming your way that will help hydrate, moisturize and energize your skin and really get you glowing.  So stay tuned, it’s coming VERY soon!  Make sure you are signed up to my FREE community platform  The Aligned Life Collective to be the first to know.

    With love and gratitude - Lo xx

    P.S. I learned a lot about the health benefits of natural skincare products from this beautiful blog from  Call me Loré and  The Zoe Report, so absolutely check those out if you want to learn even more about how your skincare affects your overall health, and how it impacts your glowy skin.


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