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Mindful Multitasking: Meditating while Shedding Toxins in the Sauna

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“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” -  Plato 

As we are now starting to immerse back into this new world, staying on top of our mental health game is more important than ever.  We all need to focus on taking time to nourish the mind, even if it’s just for a few minutes every day. If you are looking to boost your meditation and relaxation regime, look no further because today I am sharing one of my favorite self-care rituals, which helps me sweat out toxins AND get my daily dose of meditation. 

In the past, I’ve shared a lot of my favorite relaxation and wellness rituals with you.  Most recently, I told you about the amazing benefits of listening to binaural beats -I turn on my  Binaural Beats playlist while working, writing, and creating, and I’ve found it helps me meditate, access my creativity, and even sharpen my focus. Listening to binaural beats with a difference of 30 Hz or less creates the same brainwave pattern that is induced by meditation, so it is the perfect meditation regime for those of us who love music, or if you’re just looking to make your meditation a little more groovy. It’s more than just a meditation, though.  Those beats can work magic for the mind. Depending on what you’re looking for - if you want to focus, boost your positivity, reduce anxiety, or even improve your sleep - you can pick a specific beat, pop in your headphones, and start reaping the benefits. If you want the lo-down on these wonderfully funky beats, give myblog a read.

You also know I love a good sweat, and one of my absolute favorite wellness rituals is a session in my  Clearlight infrared sauna. My sauna is a relatively new addition to my backyard, and it’s been a game changer for my health regime -- sweating it out in the sauna gives my skin a healthy glow, keeps my immune system in top shape during the pandemic, and even alleviates my muscle soreness from long days of shooting Aligned Life Studio content! AND it’s simply the most relaxing spot. If you want to learn more about the incredible benefits of getting sweaty in the sauna (reduced inflammation, better sleep, detoxification, weight loss- and the list goes ON), check out my  blog to read about the 5 ways the sauna supercharges our vitality.  

I also love the bluetooth sound system in my Clearlight infrared sauna - music is not only a mood booster, but it can actually work wonders for your health, too. Sound alone is a cleanser, as it can boost our mood, release stuck tension and negative emotions, move energy through the body, and synchronize our brain waves to the rhythm of the music. I talk all about the power of music in my book,  The Power Source,  and it can really work magic in the body - it slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and even decreases the stress hormone levels in the body. So, when we listen to our favorite song in the sauna, the music will pull us into the present, relax the mind, and cleanse the body, WHILE the heat from the Clearlight sauna lowers blood pressure, relaxes the body, and helps us sweat out all those toxins.What a relaxation treat for the mind, body and soul.  

So, are you ready for the ultimate wellness experience? Since I love listening to music in my sauna so much, I thought I should crank it up a notch and make my sweat session truly nourishing for my mental health. That’s why I recently started playing my Binaural Beats playlist through the bluetooth speaker in my sauna, so I can meditate and access my creativity, sweat out excess toxins and get my glow on all in one wellness ritual. I usually pick a beat in the theta range, which helps my REM sleep, deeply relaxes me, and alleviates my anxiety. I know multitasking is meant to be bad - but I figure this is like the ultimate inmindful multitasking!

Being in the sauna and listening to this type of meditative music brings us into a yin state and calms the nervous system, so it is the perfect way to treat our bodies and minds when we are dealing with day-to-day stress, and the immense anxiety of the pandemic. So, if you are in the mood to sweat it out, rid your body of toxins AND meditate all at once, turn on my Binaural Beats playlist, hop in the sauna, close your eyes, and start listening. 

Happy meditating! xx, Lo

P.S. If you are looking to revitalize your wellness regime in 2021, the Aligned Life Studio is full of tips and tricks for nourishing your mind, body and soul every day. You can check out the recipes, foam rolling, mat and rebounding sequences, visualizations and playlists with a free  7 day trial!  I’ll see you there.  

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