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Rendez-Vous with the Stars August 2023

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Be playful with the joy of a child and cuddle the world of innocence!


Dear beautiful one!

A rare celestial feature called a “Blue Moon” is happening this month with two Full Moons occurring in one month. This is the ideal time to connect with the female lunar energies. There is promise and potentiality in the air and although your efforts may not bear fruit immediately, it is the attitude and the trust towards the goal that count. Whatever project you like to see manifested, act on it now with determination and conviction. The last part of the month invites you into a calmer and more restful phase.

On Tuesday, 1st August (Wednesday, 2nd August NZ) the first Full Moon of this month happens in Aquarius.Put your efforts into a collective mission together with people who are visionary and who think outside of the box. Invest your energies into a cause that serves humanity or your community. As a unified group you have a powerful impact on the outcome of your project. Look out for diversity amongst your peers to enjoy versatile and broad views.

Contemplation for this Full Moon:

How can I express my individuality within my social network?

On Wednesday, 16th August, there is a New Moon in dramatic Leo.  Awaken your inner child and express your playfulness and creativity. If you have children of your own, they can be your inspiration. Radiate out warmth from your heart towards others and give out love generously. With Uranus in a challenging aspect to this New Moon, expect sudden changes and surprises! 

Intention for this Full Moon:

My heart is open to give and receive love!



This is the third Mercury retrograde phase of the year. Mercury is retrograde in analytical Virgo from Wednesday, 23rd August (Thursday, 24th August NZ) and stays there until the 15th September 2023.  Review areas of your daily life that need adjustment. Your attention to detail and your desire for order becomes a focus. Be clear in your verbal expression to prevent miscommunication. Patience and adaptability are needed in challenging situations. Allow extra time for travelling and avoid signing new contracts. Make your final decisions when Mercury has moved forward again.

On the same day, Wednesday, 23rd August, the Sun enters Virgo and stays there until the 23rd September 2023.  Structure and order become a focal point under this transit. You have a desire to take care of unfinished business and you take great pride in your work!

Another retrograde movement happens on Monday, 28th August (Tuesday, 29th August NZ) when the “Great Awakener planet Uranus” in Taurus moves backwards until the 27th January 2024.
This can be a restless phase where unpredictable behaviour and emotional up and downs can show up. Feelings of being different and “weird” might surface. Use grounding practices to stay centred and calm. This is a good phase to plan your future.



The Super Blue Moon on Thursday, 31st August is in dreamy Pisces.  Be open to divine downloads flowing into you from the Universe and dive into the subconscious with its rosy imagery. Some of the messages you receive may give you guidance for future projects. If you wander in confusion, stop, breathe and listen to your intuition before moving on.

Contemplation for this Super Blue Moon:

How do I make good decisions if I feel lost in a labyrinth of illusion?


The key phrases to focus on during this month are:

  • As a unified group you have a powerful impact on the outcome of your project.
  • Awaken your inner child and express your playfulness and creativity.
  • Be clear in your verbal expression to prevent miscommunication.

Collaboration versus going it all alone is a big theme for this month. Immerse yourself in the collective with enthusiasm and optimism but stay true to your ethics and principles. Be the unique being you truly are!



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