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Rendez-vous with the Stars December 2023

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My vision aligns with my truth!

Dear beautiful one,

Emotions can run high during the last month of this year. Avoid diving into panic mode and overcome anxious moods by keeping your emotions in check. Especially when Mercury goes retrograde in mid-December you need to make sure that your determination and self-confidence do not turn into dread. Understand that you CAN navigate your inner turmoil with grace and beauty, so that you come out as a winner at the end of the month. Declare December your month of joy and celebration.


On Monday, 4th December (Tuesday, 5th December NZ) Venus, the bringer of harmony and peace, moves into Scorpio and stays there until the 29th December 2023.  A few weeks of intense passions run in your veins during this transit. You are yearning for a body-soul contact with somebody exceptional. There is a big attraction to the mysterious and deep and you seek pleasures that completely captivate and consume you. Disdain from creating drama to feel alive.

The nebulous planet Neptune in Pisces goes direct again on Wednesday, 6th December (Thursday, 7th December NZ).  The foggy energy you had to deal with since the beginning of July is starting to lift and you can see more clearly through any deception or elusiveness. Clarity is on the rise. 


This month’s New Moon in Sagittarius happens on Tuesday, 12th December (Wednesday, 13th December NZ)
.  Thinking big is the mantra of the “Centaur”, which can push you into overdoing things! Your prime focus is on expanding your horizons to a wider perspective and to leap forward into the “New” with confidence and bravery. Brimming with optimism and faith you set the stage for reaping rewards in a couple of weeks. This New Moon forms a square to Neptune, which sends out warning signals for deception and procrastination. Be aware.

Intention for this Sagittarius New Moon:

I seek the truth and I speak the truth!

On Wednesday, 13th December (Thursday, 14th December NZ) Mercury in Capricorn/Sagittarius turns retrograde until the 1st January 2024.  
This is a three-week period where you might experience blockages in your striving for goals. Be patient, take stock and review if you are still happy with your current day-to-day life. Expect delays, disruption, mis-communication and face them with a smile. 


The Sun enters ambitious Capricorn on Thursday, 21st December (Friday, 22nd December NZ) and remains there until the 20th January 2024. This is also the winter, resp. summer solstice day!  You gain much satisfaction through hard work, accomplishment and long-term goals. With a steady, consistent effort, you will reach tangible goals. You love structures under this Capricorn influence and by approaching matters conservatively, you will feel a sense of security. This is not the month for risk-taking. Take time before you make any moves.

The Cancer Full Moon happens on Tuesday, 26th December (Wednesday, 27th December NZ).  This is family time with emphasis on your emotional needs and bonding with your tribe. The Cancer Full Moon is perfect for the festive season where you treasure the closeness of your loved ones to celebrate the end of the year. Jupiter and Saturn are in harmony with this Full Moon and offer you insights for growth and achievement. You are ready to create and produce.

Contemplation for this Cancer Full Moon:

How can I align with the water energy of this Moon to replenish myself and remember my responsibility to myself?

Venus enters Sagittarius on Friday, 29th December (Saturday, 30th December NZ) and stays there until the 23rd January 2024.
   There is a change of romantic energy, from deep and intense to light and bouncy. Your focus on a specific person over the past few weeks transforms to a more universal love. With spontaneity you dive into art, cultural offerings, adventures and travel. Spending money comes easy. You might strike a lucky draw with your finances. Truthfulness and expansion of the mind have a high priority and you are open to express your feelings.

The giant planet Jupiter in Taurus turns direct on Saturday, 30th December (Sunday, 31st December NZ).  You end the year with opportunities abound! Better resources, more confidence and a stronger feeling for security and grounding are the manifestations you experience. Jupiter, the king of the gods, bestows you with its heavenly influence. Delight in this expressive energy and leave behind the introspective dance with retrograde Mercury which ends on 1st January 2024. 


Key phrases which are highlighted this month:

Disdain from creating drama to feel alive!

The foggy energy you had to deal with since the beginning of July is starting to lift and you can see more clearly through any deception or elusiveness.

Declare December your month of joy and celebration.

You are closing the year on a positive note with Jupiter in forward movement again so that you can step into the flow of the New Year. I wish you a festive season that is bright and merry, and may the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light up your path.


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