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Rendez-Vous with the Stars - June 2023

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Let your voice echo the soothing sounds of a harp!


Dear beautiful one,

Breathe out! The month of June gives you a break from the intense Eclipse season and the tumultuous Mercury retrograde phase of the past few weeks. You are stepping into exciting cosmic territory which offers you fun, lightness and an opportunity to follow your heart desires in love and romance. Make this a playful month, embrace your inner child and let your creative juices flow. Blockages are gradually removed and you are able to make great progress in living a life that truly fulfills you. This is the month where you want to celebrate success professionally and personally. Activate stalled projects and get them off the ground now!



On Saturday, 3rd June (Sunday, 4th June NZ) there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Every Full Moon promises the fulfillment of what you have embarked on during the New Moon. It is the pinnacle of that pursuit. Emotionally it is a heightened time. This Full Moon reminds you to find a balance between intuition and logic, between engaging actively in your immediate environment and exploring ventures that go beyond that. There is an urge to bring to light what has been brewing inside of you. Now is the time to reveal your feelings and bring them to light even if they are still unrefined and raw in their expression. Strengthen the commitment to your beliefs!


Sagittarius Full Moon ritual:  Hip Circles – Hips don’t lie!

This is a simple, fun and truly powerful ritual. You might like to do this exercise in front of a mirror to connect to your reflection. Play a song that makes you want to move your hips and dance. Soften your knees and circle your hips around and around, as if hula-hooping. Do this for at least one minute, but longer is definitely beneficial. As you circle, bring full attention to your pelvic region. Emotions may bubble up. Continue to circle, allowing the feelings to spiral out with each revolution. When the song ends, journal about what arose for you. You can also do this exercise in a chair, circling your hips while seated. Consider doing hip circles for 3-5 minutes daily until the next New Moon. Loose hips can liberate your soul!

You can also check out "The Hip's Don't Lie" sequence inside the Aligned Life Studio.


Thoughts to contemplate during this Full Moon:

Do I have a passion for a subject to study or learn?

How can I strengthen my faith into what is beyond my eye?



The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters Leo on Tuesday, 6th June and stays there until the 9th October 2023.  Be in for a treat with this celestial placement as love is beautiful, warm-hearted and full of vibrancy. Do you remember that butterfly stage in your relationship? This is how it feels like during this transit and it goes on for a few months! You enjoy being pampered and adored but watch out for having an overinflated ego. Your creative expression has no limits and you delight in artistic work. Be aware that you can easily end up being the drama queen and indulging in extravagance. Instead put all your energies into what you really enjoy!  A challenging aspect between Venus and Pluto on 6th June  can dampen your spirits as this constellation may accentuate deeply stored issues in your relationship which need to be dealt with. Time to transform what has been deeply boiling in you. 

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On Sunday, 11th June (Monday, 12th June NZ) Pluto re-enters Capricorn and stays there until the 22nd January 2024.  
Pluto is revisiting the earth sign of Capricorn for the last time in about 250 years! You are asked to finalise and transform anything to do with outdated structures, power games or selfish interests. On the same day, Mercury enters Gemini and stays there for only two weeks until the 26th June.  This is the home ground for communicative Mercury. Your mental energies are switched on. The mind seeks stimulation and variety. Get your note pad out and try yourself at writing. A nervous energy can be prominent during these couple of weeks and you might be easily distracted.

Saturn is going into reverse motion in Pisces on Saturday, 17th June (Sunday, 18th June NZ). This retrograde phase goes until the 4th November 2023.  Saturn is all about structures, responsibilities and rules. You are invited to look at these themes in your personal life, in your social circles as well as in the society you are embedded in. There is an opportunity for self-discovery and discrimination of what is outdated and does not resonate with your values any more. You can accomplish something enduring and substantial during these months and you can open yourself up for a new beginning.

On the same day, Saturday, 17th June (Sunday, 18th June NZ) the New Moon is in the sign of the Twins, Gemini.  This lunation calls on mind and communication matters. Be open to view points of others in any dialogue or discussion and listen attentively to what others have to say. Delight in new ideas and mental activity and engage in new projects related to the mind. Keep clear boundaries and don’t let anybody take advantage of you.



 Mantra for the Gemini New Moon:

"I embrace my joy and the good fortune that is being delivered to me."


Intentions for the Gemini New Moon:

I say what I mean and I mean what I say!

I respect the viewpoints of others with tolerance and openness!


On Wednesday, 21st June (Thursday, 22nd June NZ) the Sun moves into watery Cancer and stays there until the 23rd July 2023.  Like the crab you are seeking protection and withdrawal from the demands of the outside world. Your focus is on your nest, your family and whatever makes you feel at home, safe and secure. Let  your feelings guide you and support others who need nurturing and protection. 

Today is also the Summer/Winter solstice!  This event marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. Begin this particular day witnessing the sunrise, and appreciating the sun setting.


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Mercury enters Cancer on Friday, 26th June (Saturday, 27th June NZ) and stays there until the 11th July 2023.  Intellectual dialogues capture your attention less as you seek profound and meaningful conversations. What you express verbally surfaces from a deep emotional source and carries substance and warmth. Your memory might go through a revival as you remember distinct details. It is helpful to detach from your thoughts as they are easily tinted by emotion. This is a very intuitive phase where you pick up moods and vibrations of others subtly. Be mindful of not attacking others on the 26th/27th June when Mars and Uranus are in a challenging aspect as this could get you into trouble. Instead find the root of the problem.

Mysterious Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces on Friday, 30th June (Saturday, 1st July NZ) until the 6th December 2023.  This can be a spiritually and creatively transforming phase in your life. Be open to messages from your soul and know that you are guided by a divine force. Spend time in isolation and stillness to get closer to who you truly are. You might get a glimpse of your soul’s purpose! You can experience selfless love and a blissful union with your soulmate during this reverse path of Neptune or you can soar to greatest heights in your creative expression.


 “You are not a drop in the ocean

You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  Rumi

 Remember these key phrases for the month:

  • Strengthen the commitment to your beliefs!
  • Put all your energies into what you really enjoy!
  • You are asked to finalise and transform anything to do with outdated structures, power games or selfish interests.
  • There is an opportunity for self-discovery and discrimination of what is outdated and does not resonate with your values any more.
  • Be open to messages from your soul and know that you are guided by a divine force.

Communication has a high priority during this month hence make good use of your voice and speak with kindness and authenticity as you interact with others. Allow your mind to travel to far away horizons for stimulation and excitement. As your mood changes in the second half of the month into a life devoted to family and home, give yourself permission to nurture not only those you love but yourself too!


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