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Rendez-Vous with the Stars July 2023

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Tend to your roots to uphold your tree of life!


Dear beautiful one!

Time for soul searching! Reflection is needed during this month and your attention must be brought to the essential things in life. Blockages might hinder your path forward. Embrace them with patience and acceptance. And if your conversations get tense, transform them into constructive and harmonious exchanges. Avoid engaging in power-plays. Instead soften the energy with co-operation and understanding. This is a good month to work on loving yourself and honoring your needs.


On Monday, 3rd July, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn.  
Step into the balancing act between the commitment to your career and your family. The need for nurturing your loved ones and the urge to succeed in your career can create feelings of disharmony and imbalance. Questions related to your roots and your direction in life are accentuated during the next two weeks.

Intention for the Capricorn Full Moon:

I find balance between my work and career life.




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The New Moon is in Cancer on Monday, 17th July (Tuesday, 18th July NZ).  Honor your need for safety and security in the place you call home. Any project related to improving your domestic environment is supported by the heavenly energies now. Encounter obstacles with imagination and move forward to new beginnings.

Intention for the Cancer New Moon:

My intuition is my guide!



The planet of harmony and peace,  Venus, is going retrograde in Leo on Saturday, 22nd July (Sunday, 23rd July NZ) and stays there until the 4th September 2023.  Your relationships need reviewing including the relationship you have with yourself. Any suppression of living your divine femininity must be addressed now. Tap into your creative genius and express your deepest heart desires. 

On the same day, the Sun enters joyful Leo and stays there until the 23rd August 2023.  Shine in your brilliance without ego and be the colorful individual you truly are. Show your love for others with affection and warmth and blossom in your uniqueness. 



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The key phrases to focus on during this month are:

  • Give support to others and accept support for yourself.
  • Be responsible and independent – time to grow up!
  • Shine in your brilliance without ego!

This might be the month where you realize the importance of finding harmony with all of life. Take steps to work on the building blocks!

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