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Rendez - Vous with the Stars September 2023

In the richness of the moment rests the essence of life!

Dear beautiful one,  

With six planets in reverse motion, be prepared for a slow-down during this month. Instead of reacting with frustration to the change of pace, make the necessary adjustments. Think things through carefully and seize opportunities through reflection. After an active first half of the year, this breather comes as a blessing. Mistakes are prevented through careful diligence which leads to security and contentment. 

 On Sunday, 3rd September (Monday 4th September NZ) the Venus retrograde phase in Leo is coming to an end. Any stagnation you have felt in romantic or financial matters over the past few weeks will pass now. These energies will flow more freely again.

The giant planet Jupiter in Taurus goes retrograde on Monday, 4th September (Tuesday, 5th September NZ) until the 31st December 2023.  Make time to rethink your current existence as well as your path into the future. Establish a set or morals that is truthful and honest. Your curiosity inspires you to immerse yourself in spiritual readings with a desire to grow and evolve. This Jupiter retrograde is a powerful philosophical and problem-solving phase.

On Thursday, 14th September (Friday, 15th September NZ) the New Moon is in earthy Virgo.  Be inspired to start a health regime that nourishes and grounds you. If your working routine has become stale, implement new ideas without jumping into something too quickly.  Any systems put into place that structure your life will help you declutter your mind. You are motivated to do serious work!




On the same day, Mercury in Virgo goes direct again but it still is in its shadow phase until the 30th September 2023.  Slowly but surely, information unclogs, and you can start generating ideas and implementing plans. It might take a bit of time to accustom to the fresh flow of energy. 

Intention for this New Moon
I make my decisions based on healthy discrimination.

On Friday, 22nd September (23rd September NZ) is the Autumn / Spring Equinox.  Today the Sun is exactly above the Equator, which makes day and night of equal length.

The Sun enters Libra on Saturday, 23rd September and stays there until the 23rd October 2023.  Find harmony and balance within your relationships and act as the peacemaker in your social circles. Delight your sense of aesthetics by visiting an art exhibition, attending a dance performance or simply luxuriate yourself in a beauty treatment. A day to let your charms shine!  

There is an Aries Full Moon on Friday, 29th September.  Break through the barriers that limit you from moving forward. Your pioneer spirit seeks new territory to explore. Have the courage to put yourself out there and manifest your ideas. Include other talented people in the destiny that is waiting for you and let them shine with you! Any bottled up frustration or anger needs an outlet. How about a lengthy workout in nature?


Contemplation for this Full Moon:
How can I express my will to be and do!

Key phrases to focus on during this month are:

  • Establish a set or morals that is truthful and honest.
  • Any systems put into place that structure your life will help you declutter your mind.
  • Act as a peacemaker in your social circles.

 As your world is coming to an almost still stand, don’t panic! There is the opportunity to revisit anything that needs revision. The purpose of this process is not to punish you, but to make you aware of the need to develop a deeper understanding of certain areas of your life. Embrace this chance with gratitude!



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