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Healing and Soul Soothing Bone Broth Recipe

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If you're familiar with my Taller, Slimmer, Younger 10-week Transformation Program, then you know about "Fascia Foods," aka foods that I refer to as nourishing, healing, and supportive of the health of your fascia and your body. When it comes to nutrition, my approach is one that is balanced and sustainable. As you may know if you tried some type of extreme detox or diet this January, crash diets just don't work. These types of programs can really make us feel bad physically, but also emotionally they can make us feel like we "failed" in some way by not being able to stick to such a strict, unrealistic plan.

Embrace Moderation

I believe moderation is key when it comes to eating in a healthy, sustainable way. It's just not realistic to think that you'll never indulge or have the occasional glass of wine or dessert at a gathering. My approach to nutrition is not fussy or difficult–it's meant to let you live your life, not spend hours and hours in the kitchen prepping complicated meals or detox regimens.

What are Fascia Foods?

Fascia Foods are whole, real foods that help to heal, restore, revitalize, and beautify your body – especially your skin and fascia.  As we age, it gets harder for your body to produce collagen, which is why our skin can get saggier. But by giving your body a plentiful supply of the nutrients that are needed to produce collagen, you’re making life better for your skin and fascia - and that means you’ll both look and feel better.

Fascia Foods contain vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Zinc that help your body produce collagen which is essential for skin and connective tissue.  They also contain connective tissue amino acids - another essential for building collagen. Finally Fascia Foods are also good for gut health, which helps you better absorb the nutrients that are key to producing collagen.   

The warming bone broth recipe below is one of my favorites for winter since it's as warming and soothing as it it nourishing. Did you know that bone broth (although recently trendy) is actually an ancient remedy that's been used to fight aging and boost beauty? This soup is rich in minerals and amino acids and helps support your immune system, digestive health, and joints, as well as helping to produce that all-important collagen!

Recipe: Soul Soothing Bone Broth

There's no food better for increasing your body's collagen than bone broth, because you're essentially consuming all of the building blocks of collagen when you drink it. The gelatin it contains makes it gut healing, excellent for hair, nails, skin, and joints. Doctors prescribe it to athletes to improve energy recovery and speed, and it also reduces systemic inflammation.


1 lb beef, chicken, lamb or other bones

1 quart of water

1 tsp sea salt

½ tbsp apple cider vinegar


  1. Brown bones for flavor by roasting in a pan, or caramelizing on the stove. Skip this step if using cooked bones.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and cook for 12-24 in a slow cooker, 1-2 hours in a pressure cooker, or on the stove up to 24 hours if that can be done safely.
  3. Strain bones, add additional salt to taste.

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